What happens when placing a 20 kg steel gob that heats in the red in a frozen lake?

YouTube channel uploading various challenge videos including "Can you make a giant flame circle with a gas cylinder"?Beyond the pressHeat until it turned redSteel ingot(Koka) on a frozen lake to see if it penetrates the movie has been released.

20 kilograms of red hot steel vs. frozen lake - YouTube

Beyond the press appeared. Two people are on the frozen lake, and the thickness of the ice is about 50 cm.

A layer of ice can be seen by sweeping down the snow which has accumulated, and a steel ingot being heated by a gas cylinder is set next to it.

Lift the steel ingot of Atsuatsu with a hook ......

I put it on ice.

The ice will break soon, or the hole will open in the blink of an eye and the appearance of the steel ingot will not disappear to the bottom of the lake ... ... and it will sink while melting the submarine bush and ice.

It took about several minutes to finally fill the top of the steel ingot.

It completely submerged, but it does not seem to go through the 50 cm thick ice layer. A puddle is formed around the steel ingot due to the melting of the ice. This puddle is about what I feel touched and warm, and I comment that "maybe about 40 degrees".

It seems that the camera was set under the ice, too, and you can see from the bottom that the shadow of the steel lump gradually falls.

Steaming became less and less, as I poked with a hook, the ice in the surroundings immediately broke and the man panicked a bit.

However, it seems that it will pull through until it pierces through the layer of ice with a hook by saying "I will jump a bit."

Looking at underwater cameras, the steel chunks are about to reach the bottom of the ice. If you shake it further with hooks ...

Suddenly I pierced through the ice and I took him to the hook I was hooked.

Two people who laugh with laughter while surprising at the momentary event.

When putting a hand into the hole after the steel ingot comes out, the upper one is still warm ...

It seems that it was a state that it is cold as I thrust my hands to the bottom.

At the end we were talking "Do you want to open a hole and do ice fishing?"

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