Movie summarizes well that you can see that the big cold wave that hits the United States frozen everything and it's a tremendous power

A large-scale airflow swirl over the North Pole and the South Pole called " Polar vortex " hits the Midwest and East Coast of the United States, extremely low temperatures below minus 30 degrees are recorded in various parts of the United States. Together with this great cold weather, a lot of movies are being filmed that are crying at a cryogenic temperature that I never experienced as minus 30 degrees, and it has become a topic centering on SNS.

Taylor Scallon, who lives in Iowa state, when he went out with his hair wet, he seemed to have frozen his hair because of the Tondemonai shape.

In Chicago, the rail is lighted to prevent the rail from shrinking and damaging due to extremely low temperature.

A picture taken by the Cadillac, Michigan state, the lights are trembling. It seems that this phenomenon occurs by repeated shrinkage of metal due to low temperature and expansion due to breakage.

A movie that tried what happens if you sprinkle hot water in the air in a minus 50 degrees. Hot water evaporates in a moment as a gas.

Some people vaporize hot coffee in the same way.

A photograph of the state of Lake Michigan from over the sky in Chicago. The whole lake is frozen, just like a scene of a movie ' Day after Tomorrow '.

The Chicago River flowing through the city of Chicago is also frozen in blackberries.

Polar vortex: -46C times as Chicago River turns to ice - YouTube

An icebreaker advances the frozen Chicago River.

Also a movie that shot the state of Belmont port in Chicago.

In the cold weather, bubbles also appear to froze in a flash.

Terry Greenbeans says that he left the wet T-shirt outdoors for about four minutes. The T - shirt froze to the ticket, and when it hits it sounds like "Tan - tan" Bang Bang ".

A movie that breaks raw eggs outdoors rather than T - shirts. It does not freeze instantly, but raw eggs freeze in a few seconds and solidify like white like boiled eggs.

Freezing Eggs in Minnesota - Minnesota Cold (Part 24) - YouTube

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