The notebook PC which had been kept inserted in the charger exploded and it was burnt round

In Letchworth, England "Allplas"Steve Paffett who runs a cloth shop called home went home while charging a HP notebook PC on the office desk. Then, a notebook PC that was connected to the charger exploded at night and an accident occurred that the part of the office was destroyed. Mr. Paffett is in a state that he can not do the job for about half a year.

Laptop explosion 'could have killed' Letchworth businessman | Stevenage, Hitchin, Letchworth, Biggleswade News - The Comet

A surveillance camera is installed in the office of Allplas, and the camera captures the moment when the HP notebook PC explodes.

Laptop explodes in Letchworth office - YouTube

The notebook PC is placed in the red frame part in the center of the screen.

The next moment, the field of vision becomes pure white ......

You can see that the notebook exploded. Melamella and flame are rising from the notebook PC, and you can see that a considerable fire pillar is standing from the flame reflected on the window.

Furthermore, although it is not a flash of intense enough to deprive sight as in the past, the sparks flew from the notebook PC.

The flame of the notebook PC switches the surveillance camera from the infrared camera to the normal camera when shooting in the dark.

With the passage of time, the room is filled with smoke.

Although the flame of the notebook computer has subsided, it seems that the fire has burned to the documents of the walls.

The smoke gets darker and the movie is over when I can not tell what it is.

Mr. Paffett seems to have woken up by an intruder alarm that the security system installed in the office rings, immediately telling "I opened a webcam application with my cell phone". According to Mr. Paffett, the appearance of the office seems to be safe, but checking the inside saw a fire like a bonfire on the office desk.

Mr. Paffett, who wore clothes and went straight to the workplace with a wallet, key and telephone, so as not to panic. When we made an emergency call on the way to the office, two fire engines, three to four police vehicles, and an ambulance appeared on the scene immediately, "They were brilliant," Paffett said police and We praise the response of the firefight. In addition, Mr. Paffett arrived at the scene earlier than the police and fire fighters seemed to try to stop the fire with two fire extinguishers, but it seems that it was no longer a fire at the level that can be extinguished with a fire extinguisher.

The first floor was catastrophic due to the fire, inventory of the cloth for business was fortunately not burned but the smell of smoke is stained. At the same time, the building as a whole is also dirty with smoke and it is said to be in a quiet state.

"Since I knew that something like this would happen, there is no future thing to charge laptops and mobile phones overnight," Paffett said. Also, if the notebook PC is exploding at the timing when you are on the immediate side, you may have been dead and that a lithium-ion battery such as a laptop or mobile phone is a potential "bomb" We are preaching the importance of recognizing.

In addition, Mr. Paffett was using the HP Envy series of notebook PCs, and it seems that an explosion occurred when using an authorized charger. HP has not commented on this matter.

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