A movie showing a big explosion moment with a super slow camera is being released

When we explode explosives, one side blows away instantaneously, but what we do not know what kind of damage it is affecting around. So, The Slow Mo Guys who posted various images taken with Super Slow Camera on YouTube puts the moment when the dust explosion actually occurred in the camera and publishes the movie.

Massive Explosive Chain Reaction at 200,000 fps - The Slow Mo Guys - YouTube

Mr. Gavin Frey of The Slow Mo Guys on the left side talks "Everyone is Hello GAB." And the man on the right who says "Daniel is" is also Daniel Grouchy of The Slow Mo Guys. Then, Mr. Daniel said "Today we will use explosives to blow away things like toilets and mannequins," said a loud noise. In this movie, it seems to actually shoot various explosions and take a picture with a super slow motion camera.

The first thing to explode is the toilet. According to Mr. Daniel, "This toilet is trying to make a big explosion". The basic mechanism is to ignite the 5 pound dynamite in the center of the toilet to explode, but a lot of gasoline is put in the tank behind to increase the power.

Before conducting experiments, Mr. Gab explains the equipment. In this experiment, the power of the explosion is tremendous, and if you put a high-performance slow motion camera in an unprotected state, it may be broken, so we are preparing a building that can withstand the explosion. Two cameras are installed in this white building, one can be taken at 25,500 fps and the other at 210,000 fps.

In addition, we installed a camera that can shoot at 12,000 fps in HD resolution in the yellow box above and below the slope, so that we can take a picture of the explosion from another angle.

Bomb the toilet immediately. When it exploded, it was covered with pure white smoke for a moment.

When viewed with a slow motion camera, orange light is generated from the toilet bowl ......

In the moment the toilet is wrapped in orange light.

After that, the light was swallowed by white gasoline smoke or black smoke.

After the blow up, the gags went to the place where the toilet was, but only the things like white sand could be confirmed. From this situation you can see that the power of the explosion was substantial.

The next experiment is to use a power of explosion to pierce the door of the safe. Daniel has prepared a safe in advance to pierce. However, as it is "cheap second hand goods", concrete for refractory is almost peeling off, and it is already terrible before the experiment.

A weapon that pierces a door of a safe prepared by Daniel is an iron cup. Inside of this is a copper cone, and it is a mechanism to fire with the gunpowder charged in the black cup.

The experiment started at once. In order to make it easy to understand that a hole has opened, a plastic container containing detergent is placed at the end of the door. I am trying to be able to judge whether there is a hole in the door, depending on whether or not there is a hole in the container. However, the explosion ended in an instant, and a copper cone that passed through the door of the safe also punctured a plastic container.

When looking at the slow, immediately after the gunpowder caught fire, an orange flash flashed through the door of the safe and hit the plastic container directly. According to Daniel, "The speed of this fireball is about the same as a shooting star." I could not confirm the presence of fireballs in the actual video, but I am amazed that the 210,000 fps slow motion camera is sharply projected.

"Next time we will show a dust explosion ," Daniel says that trying the power of the dust explosion caused by igniting a fire in a spill of Chile with a mannequin on the left.

Chill to make a dust explosion uses the fires of the fuse. First, Mr. Daniel set an explosive at the foot of the mannequin and wraps the mannequin around the fuse line to make a lot of burning fires before igniting the explosive.

Here, for some reason, Mr. Daniel prepared a steel cup used in the experiment to penetrate the door of the safe as earlier.

Apparently, Mr. Daniel seemed to think that "I want to pierce the left mannequin with an iron cup" after dust explosion on the right mannequin.

Start of experiment. When thinking that two mannequins were wrapped in orange light in a moment, at the next moment the left mannequin lost his upper body and the right mannequin left only white remnants.

Looking at the slow motion camera, after the sparks run around the fuse wound around the mannequin on the right, after running round the whole body ......

Inflammation of the foot explosive. After that, flame wraps the mannequin in order from the feet.

Then, the ignition line following the iron cup was ignited, and the fireball penetrated through another one mannequin.

If you look at the explosion of the right mannequin further and look at it, you can see that the explosion has occurred to reverse the fuse line.

Next, Daniel telling that "we prepared a secret weapon," prepared explosives with power enough to cause an avalanche. On the tip of a detonator for a detonated explosion wound with a red tape is connected a drum filled with Amho explosive, and dynamite is also added on the back of the drum. By exploding these, I will see what kind of mannequin put in the neighborhood will be.

I will actually blow up. Then the explosion fits in a moment but the amount of smoke is large, I do not know what happened.

After seeing the field of sight, when comparing the appearance before and after the explosion, there were no yellow boxes where the two mannequins and cameras that existed before the explosion were installed.

The yellow box was blown a little away and it was black. I can see from this sight that it was a great shock.

Not only the damage but also the white building that had installed two cameras was also affected, and the camera in this was also collapsed by the shock of the blast.

The one that actually contained the moment of explosion is the image below. When the detonator catches fire ... ...

Awesome light wraps mannequins and explosives.

And a big explosion.

From the top, shock waves are generated at the moment of explosion. Mr. Gab says, "It may be the most vivid in what was defined as a shock wave so far." It is a little confusing in the picture, but in the movie shock waves were reflected quite clearly.

Immediately after this the mushroom clouds are rising and tell the magnitude of the power of the explosion. If it is the power so far, it may be natural that the shooting box nearby is blown away.

After the last experiment, Mr. Daniel finished the movie by saying that "I can cleanly clean it," said the trouble of cleaning up after the shooting ended decreased.

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