The end of the camera that captured the SpaceX rocket launch

A NASA photographer who set the camera to shoot the launch of the spacecraft "Falcon 9" developed by SpaceX has released the state of the missing camera after the launch.

Photos: A SpaceX launch melted a NASA photographer's camera - Quartz

On May 22, 2018, SpaceX succeeded in successfully launching the Falcon 9 rocket from the Vandenberg Air Force base.


NASA's photographer Bill Ingalls tried to shoot the launch of Falcon 9, installed cameras at several locations around the base and photographed by remote control. Mr. Ingalls looking at the collection of one Canon camera installed on the hill inside, it seems that it was a camera burnt in black charcoal.

According to Mr. Ingalls, all the other cameras that were set closer to the launch site than the camouflaged camera had no problem. Apparently, it seems that the fire from the fallen objects caused by the launch of the rocket burned to the camera. It seems that the burned camera was extinguished by the firefighters.

In addition, the SD card of the burned camera is safe. I succeeded in shooting stunning photos as follows.

I also heard that the camera burned up.

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