A high school student wants to bring a PC to school "I make my own electronic dictionary with Windows 10

There are not many people who have their own PCs if they become high school students, but depending on the school regulations, there are times when we can not bring them to school. A high school student who has suffered from such school regulations has been talked about as "an electronic dictionary brings it to a high school OK" and watching the electronic dictionary with Windows 10 built on her own.

He is the creator of an electronic dictionary with Windows 100530 HLLHas posted a summary movie that I tried making an electronic dictionary for Nico Nico Douga.

Part 1 I tried creating an electronic dictionary with Windows 10

High quality already from the opening movie.

It looks like a product promotion movie.

At the beginning of the movie we say "editing me as", but not at all.

0530 HLL created "Electronic dictionary on which Windows 10 runs".

The idea of ​​making an electronic dictionary on the grounds of "for bringing in a PC while keeping the school rules of high school" is not just a person.

0530 HLL said that he was forced to acquire 3DCAD for terminal design, acquire the fundamentals of electronic circuitry, acquire programming with a microcomputer, etc. in designing an electronic dictionary by himself. Although he seems to have knowledge of programming in the beginning, since he learned about 3DCAD and electronic circuits from scratch, it is tremendous obsession.

We decided to install stereo speaker · microphone · fingerprint authentication · 7 inch monitor · USB 3.0 port etc. etc in the electronic dictionary, and said that we selected the necessary parts.

The contents of a small stick type PC are used on the motherboard. The CPU consists of Atom x 5 Z 8350, RAM 4 GB, SSD Toshiba's 64 GB, communication is Dual Band 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac and Bluetooth 4.0.

The control board of the display cuts out unnecessary connectors etc, and the display body took out from the junk article.

Electronic dictionary consists of motherboard · display · touch panel controller, fingerprint sensor · audio · USB hub board · backlight LED etc. connected. It is a self-made electronic dictionary which is too authentic and it seems to get dizzy.

Next, it is necessary to design the case to accommodate these boards with 3DCAD. Each part is measured with a digital calipers and modeling is done accurately.

In addition to not only digging grooves in the housing to make it easy to fit parts ......

It is said that it has been designed up to the exhalation hole for incorporating the fan.

Internal boards are very complicatedly arranged, it seems that it was very difficult to secure the space for the screw holes and consider the board layout.

From the keyboard part on the bottom ......

The display part is also designed with 3DCAD. It seems that it stuffs to the commitment "to make the bezel as thin as possible".

When it assembles it will be in the form like this.

The design of the hinge was done by simulation, and the spring hole was designed at the same time.

Parts for securing the board with screws were planned to be printed with a 3D printer, so we also devised parts arrangement that will not lower the printing accuracy as much as possible.

The movie of Part 1 is here so far, the appearance of actually making it is seen in Part 2.

Part 2 I tried creating an electronic dictionary with Windows 10

0530 HLL used 3D printerHot melt lamination methodIt is a type of type, this type seems to be selected because it is relatively inexpensive

The difficulty is that 3D printer of thermal melt lamination method is inexpensive, but somewhat low precision, but 0530 HLL is devised such as changing the thickness of the nozzle that outputs resin and adjusting the distance between the printer and the model table , I thought that accuracy was improved even a little.

Actually printed a 1 cm square cube or a circle with a radius of 1 cm and measured how much error it is ... ...

It was found that the X axis and the Y axis are 0.25 mm larger, and it was found that there is no deviation about the Z axis. As a result of designing the parts with 3DCAD taking the measured deviation into account, there was no problematic deviation in screw holes etc.

It looks like this is printing parts for fixing screws.

Once the parts have been printed, the next is the assembly. First of all connect the previously prepared display part to the main part of the bottom side.

Next, the operation was confirmed by connecting the display and board part. Then it was confirmed that it was able to start firmly.

It seems to be very difficult if you think to put boards and wires that are stuck in a cabinet in the enclosure, but if you keep it according to the design of 3DCAD ... ...

Wonderful wiring and board fits. Two lithium-ion batteries are installed in the battery.

In this state, start-up test is performed.

Only after a blue screen is displayed for a moment ......

I moved to the login screen of Windows 10.

With the fingerprint authentication function, just touch the side with your finger ... ....

I was able to log in.

Even though it is an electronic dictionary size, it seems that even if the home screen of Windows 10 is displayed properly, even emotion is remembered.

After that, attach the touch panel on the bottom and the back light ... ...

If you peel off the film on the surface, the assembly is completed.

Next, 0530 HLL made his own work, at least until the software which enables software input of the electronic dictionary and keyboard input on the touch panel. It is ideal that the keyboard is almost full key, and the mouse operation enables operation like a track pad. I thought that it was more convenient if it could be used as a trackpad on the front side.

As a result, in the mode where both the full key and the trackpad can be used, the keyboard is displayed when illuminated by the backlight LED, and the LED is turned off when putting the front in trackpad mode.

"Successfully write code for making applications" that meets these requirements ... ...

It installs the electronic dictionary application together, and completes it after fixing the bug.

Terminals that are actually completed can be audited in Part 3.

Part 3 I tried creating an electronic dictionary with Windows 10

Two touch panels are mounted on the top and bottom, and the display is 7 inches in size.

The backlight LED lights when the keyboard mode is activated and the keyboard floats on the touch panel on the bottom side.

Since the key backlight is installed, it is also possible to operate in the dark.

On the left side is a fingerprint authentication cum button, power button, microphone, speaker, USB 3.0 port from the right ... ....

The right side is equipped with a charging connector · speaker · 3.5 mm earphone jack.

In the dedicated application, it is possible to change the remaining battery level, touch panel keyboard mode and trackpad, change volume, etc.

It is an excellent one that can also correct touch panel error and set macro key.

In trackpad mode which uses the whole surface like a track pad ......

Switching keyboard mode to be used as a keyboard can be done easily.

When it is likely to be found by the teacher it is also possible to switch to the electronic dictionary with one touch and in the electronic dictionary mode the task bar is hidden firmly and displayed.

Although this electronic dictionary firmly thought about emergency, 0530 HLL said that she was able to become a seat behind the brilliantly by changing the seat.

In addition, 0530 HLL brought home-made electronic dictionary of Windows 10 to school, the first thing ......

"Beast friendsI was watching it.

It seems that the Windows 10-equipped electronic dictionary that took seven months to produce was finished in quality enough to withstand practical use.

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