"Virtual YouTuber ranking" which ranks the popular virtual YouTuber and summarizes it

Get income from movies uploaded to YouTube "YouTuberIn 2017Men's high school students want to be the top 10 professions to becomeAlthough it is a popular occupation for young people, posting game commentary and unique movies using the 3DCG model rather than the real face "Virtual YouTuber"Has appeared around 2017 and has become a hot topic.User LocalPublished by "Virtual YouTuber ranking"Is a site that summarizes various virtual YouTuber ranking formats and you can check" who is the momentous virtual YouTube and what movie YouTuber is talking about new topic virtual people YouTuber " .

Virtual YouTuber ranking

"Virtual YouTuber ranking"Can be accessed from PC · smartphone. The top page accessed from the smartphone looks like this. There is a menu bar at the bottom, and you can switch pages by tapping the icon. On the top page, "latest live distribution", "new arrival popular video" "virtual YouTuber popularity ranking" is displayed.

Tap the icon "LIVE" on the menu bar to display the virtual YouTuber currently live. You can automatically watch and watch the YouTube application by tapping the thumbnail by watching live distribution.

When you tap the "new arrival video" icon, the movies uploaded by the virtual YouTuber registered in the rankings are displayed in the newest arrival order. If you have a movie you want to watch, you can tap thumbnail or movie title OK.

In "rapid increase", virtual YouTubers and others are displayed in ranking format in descending order of the number of subscribers per day in the day.

By tapping the "RANKING" field, virtual YouTuber will be displayed in the ranking format in descending order of the total number of YouTube channel subscribers. In addition, the five people from 1st place to 6th place displayed in the following image are "Virtual boss and four heavenly kingsIt is a major virtual YouTuber that is so popular as to be called.

When you tap virtual YouTuber which is worried about "sudden rise" or "RANKING", the number of latest movie · channel registrations · total play count · simple explanation text of tapped virtual YouTube will be displayed. For example, the following images are ranked # 1 in "rapid increase" and "ranking"Kizuna eyeofA.I.ChannelI tapped it.

Scroll down the screen and a comment field is set up. You can comment freely and you can see the reactions of others.

Scroll down further and you can see a graph that monitors the trend of the number of subscribers per day on a daily basis. When you tap a favorite point on the graph, the date / number of registrants / previous day ratio is displayed.

In addition, when browsing with the web browser of the PC, it is also possible to see the ranking "attention newcomer".

In the "ranking newcomer" ranking, the virtual YouTuber which appeared relatively recently is displayed in descending order of the number of subscribers per day, so you can also chase the virtual YouTuber which became a hot topic suddenly in SNS etc I can.

The virtual YouTuber already registered as "virtual YouTuber ranking" at the time of article creation exceeds 1000 people. Virtual YouTuber not only includes YouTube but also SNS such as Twitter · Instagram and "VR ChatSince it is also expanding the place of activity for communication tools such as "YouTube", you may not be able to fully grasp the activity simply by searching YouTube. "Virtual YouTuber ranking" which can follow the trend of the virtual YouTuber industry which gains more momentum in 2018 is also useful for people who are interested in "virtual YouTuber but do not know what to look" It is a site.

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