What is "a negative review pattern that Google is likely to delete"?


If you are an owner of a store or a corporation, you should have negative reviews on shops and corporations deleted as much as possible, so that they will not get caught by search engines. About "eight examples that Google removes negative reviews", Google'sSEO(Search Engine Optimization) system expertJoy HawkinsSays.

8 types of negative reviews Google will remove - Search Engine Land

On business forums, threads on topics like "I want to delete negative reviews against my company or corporation" are frequent. Many executives are worried about the company's reputation falling due to reviews, but unless Google's review guidelines are broken, it is unlikely that negative review will be deleted. However, according to Hawkins, there are some examples where reviews were deleted by applying to Google.

Case 1: Racist review
According to Mr. Hawkins, reviews containing racist elements are likely to be subject to removal by Google. In the case of completely untrue review it was written that "school has been providing illegal drugs to me" for a school, in the review, "school"Koo · Klux · Clan(KKK) ", which was a racial discrimination organization, which included racial discrimination. The review was successfully deleted due to the fact that the review itself was non-factual, and racist content was present.

◆ Case 2: Mass review of similar facilities by one author
In this case, negative reviews were received against several related facilities, including Florida's drug rehabilitation center. However, since the reviews are based on the same person, the possibility of one person visiting a similar facility in large quantities is very low, so it was said that the credibility of the review was deemed to be low about.

◆ Case 3: Low rating review with multiple accounts
One day in Amsterdam, a company in Amsterdam seems to have been sent a large number of suddenly low evaluation reviews from multiple users. In such a case, it is possible that one person prepares multiple accounts and ask friends and acquaintances "Please do a low evaluation review to this company" to drop the reputation of the company. If a large number of low evaluation reviews are posted in a short period of time and the account that submitted the low evaluation review has been left unattended, then the possibility of this is likely to be high.

◆ Case 4: Review by competitors
"If an account has a low evaluation review against your company and you are doing a high evaluation review against another competing company, the possibility that the reviewer is the competitor who is praised by the reviewer It is high, "says Hawkins. In the case that Mr. Hawkins saw, a massage shop received four negative evaluations a day, and the same reviewer discovered that they are also making negative reviews against other massage shops. At the same time, since he was highly evaluated only for competing massage shops, it seems that the reviewer turned out to be a highly rated massage shop.

◆ Case 5: merely reviewing errors
Not all negative reviews are done with malicious intent. A certain rental property agent noticed that the negative review given to him was content that was dissatisfied with "food". This negative review, which is considered to have been posted to a rental agent mistakenly for a restaurant nearby, is clearly deleted.

◆ Case 6: Review by same contributors of the same affiliated stores across the country
Normally, it is hard to think the case where the same person goes to the same line shops throughout the country and conducts a negative review uniformly. Even though I had a negative impression to the store in the first place, it can be said that the trouble of going all the way to the same line shop in another place is strange. In a case that Mr. Hawkins saw, a reviewer had a star 1 review for five mental health facilities, but "one patient took five facilities and the same in all facilities The likelihood of having dissatisfaction is low "and the review was deleted.

◆ Case 7: Review by employees who worked in the past
According to Google's guidelines, employees who worked in the company in the past are prohibited from conducting negative reviews against the company. Previously, this regulation was limited to incumbent employees, but now it applies to all employees who have worked before.

◆ Case 8: Results gathered largely in the media Results received
If a large number of negative reviews are given to companies or corporations that were taken up largely in the news, the review may be deleted. According to Mr. Hawkins, the controversy over freedom concerning freedom of freedom at Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada was taken up largely, resulting in a large negative review from people with a strong interest in news. Most of the reviewers were people who had nothing to do with Wilfrid Laurier University, but it seems that they could not have saved something to the controversy. After all, it seems that Google has deleted more than 100 reviews.

As mentioned above, Hawkins says there is a possibility that if you positively have a problematic negative review, you can apply for deletion by applying to Google.

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