I have been eating sweetness fluffy and gorgeous "Rearea pancake" with Eggs' n Things

For spring, from "Eggs' n Things" motif "flower" motifRearea pancake ~ Spring Flower ~Appears. Sales store is Mie Prefecture Kuwana cityMitsui Outlet Park Jazz Dream NagashimaStore in Odaiba and store in Odaiba, because it is limited to 2 places, I went to Odaiba to eat.

~ Eggs 'n Things deliver spring crisp pancakes ~ Jazz Dream Nagashima store / "Opinion store" "Rarea pancake ~ Spring Flower ~" appears Eggs' n Things

There is "Eggs' n Things Odaiba shop"Aqua City OdaibaWithin. There is a shop in Aqua City but it is close to Daiba Seaside Park Station, but it is quite troubling where which is closer to walking from Daiba station directly connected to Aqua City.

To order is Colle, "Rarea pancake ~ Spring Flower ~" (1420 yen tax excluded). "Rearea" is not about English "rare (rare)" but means "happiness · joy" in Hawaiian.

Rarea pancake came in a little ten minutes from the order.

Pancake is a small set of 4 small pieces, with strawberry cream cheese sauce on top and strawberries, edible flowers (edible flowers) are topped.

The feature of Eggs' n Things was a whipped cream like mountain appended to pancake, which was strawberry whipped cream slightly pink which was attached to rarea pancake.

I tried to hold iPhone 7 Plus as a comparison object of size. The size of the pancake itself is small, but it is quite a volume if it is the whole.

It is okay with your preferred way of eating, but this time I tried eating with plenty of whipped cream. Strawberry cream cheese sauce makes you feel warm, sour and sweet like comfortably reaching in the back of your throat, where the salt of the little butter's cake itself mixes. Strawberry whipped cream is symmetrical with cream cheese sauce in a symmetrical way, it feels like spreading a light sweetness fluffily in the mouth and disappearing. Ultimately, sourness disappears, and there is the impression that gorgeous sweetness of strawberry remains around the maxilla. After a warm sauce & pancake the whipped cream 's coolness comes and the sweetness of the whipped cream stands out.

Since the strawberry cream cheese sauce is not applied to the overlapped part of the pancake, sweetness without sour taste widens to the mouth when eating with a whipped cream flour.

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