I have tried to eat "Koa Aina's periodic limited" pancake of strawberry and maple "with strawberry on a fluffy pancake

Using plenty of fresh strawberries, you can eat it with maple syrup that you likeStrawberry and maple pancakes"Kua Aina will sell it from February 18th. Although cold days continued, I tried to feel spring in the second pair, I actually ate at the shop.

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Arrived at Kua Aina.

There was a picture of strawberry and maple pancakes in front of the shop.

Once I finished my order, I got hand-set drinks first. Wait a while.

Strawberry and maple pancakes were delivered after a while after ordering. As the name says, a bright red strawberry is on the pancake plenty.

The diameter of pancake is about a little smaller than iPhone 6.

As you see from the side pancakes were three layered.

A lot of whipped cream was served next to the pancake, but it collapsed due to the impact when the dish was placed.

Ice cream is put on the pancake not butter. It melts quickly with heat, so let's eat it quickly without delaying it.

The pancake was delivered not only with maple syrup but also with syrup of coconut milk.

So, plenty of maple syrup ......

Pakuri with strawberries. There are various types of pancakes such as fluffy type and moist type, but Kua Aina 's pancakes are fluffy anyhow. Because the surface is not crispPancake specialty store ButterIt's finished with a texture like a pancake, which I can not afford at home. Sweet and sour strawberries have a strong taste and should be satisfied if you like pancake.

I tried eating the part not covered with maple syrup or the like much, but I can feel the saltiness of a faint butter, but the sweetness is modest, so it is also a point that people who are not good at sweet things can adjust with topping.

When you eat with ice cream or maple syrup it is completely dessert.

Whipped cream has a strong taste of milk and it is very light so I did not feel bothersome.

Also, not only maple syrup, but also syrup of coconut milk, so we enjoyed the tropical atmosphere as well.

The strawberry and maple pancakes are offered for a limited time, 745 yen for single items, and 836 yen for drinks and set. Recommended for those who want to feel the spring ahead.

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