How many pimps do people in a lifetime? Illustrated with this illustration

The amount of poo that a person discharges at one time depends on various factors such as age, weight, diet and exercise quantity, but the rate at which people exclude from past research and the average amount of poo at once are It is being figured out. Based on these pieces of information, Infographics "How Many People Will Pause in Lifetime?" Has been released and it is clear that people are excluding a tremendous amount of poop.

How Much Do You Poop in Your Lifetime?

According to Kim Barrett, a research physiologist at the University of California, people's stool is 70% solid and 30% liquid. There are individual differences in bowel habits, but on average, both sexes are taken once a day, and it seems to give an average of 400 to 500 g of poo per day. In addition, researchers have also found that in a previous survey, the general speed at which humans pooh is 2 cm per second. The time of draining is 12 seconds per degree, which is said to be common to many animals regardless of size.

Infographics which collects information of such human's poop is kore.

First of all, the amount of poo that an adult discharges on the day is 400 to 500 g on average, which corresponds to 142 kg when converted in one year. It seems that the weight of 142 kg is equivalent to one panda.

70% of healthy people's poop is solid and 30% liquid.

If you are 21 years old you have eliminated 2972 ​​kg of poo, which means 9199 kg for 65 years old, 11,746 kg for 83 years, that means that more than 11 tons of poo was excluded. The African elephant weighs about 6000 kg, so we have discharged a staggering amount of feces, about two African elephants.

The amount of poop that people on the planet eradicate in a year is equivalent to about 290 billion kg.

There are places in which the puppet which human beings discharge is a direct problem. In Denali National Park, Alaska State, restrictions were imposed since 69,000 to 98,000 kg of poultry was left between 1951 and 2012. Also, nearly 4.5 billion people do not have a household toilet and more than 200 million tons of excreta are left inadequately processed. More than 90% of the wastewater from developing countries is being drifted directly to the sea, lake, river, etc. Many people obtain drinking water from these sewage, so that it will lead to the spread of diseases, appropriate disposal treatment and Securing safe drinking water is required.

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