"Netflix of video distribution service developed unique fonts like Apple and Samsung" as a topic

byNetflix and Dalton Maag: Netflix Sans

Large enterprises such as Apple, Samsung, Google, and Microsoft use their own fonts for product display and logo, and there is a trend that "technology companies are top notch when using their own fonts". Meanwhile, Netflix, a major video distribution service provider, said, "Netflix's own font"Netflix Sans"We will use it".

It's Nice That | Netflix unveils Netflix Sans, a new custom type exposed by Dalton Maag

AppleSan Francisco, SamsungSamsungOne, GoogleRobotoWhenProduct Sans, MicrosoftSegoeMany technology companies that have many opportunities to use fonts for products and logos, such as, many have their own fonts. Netflix, a major video distribution service, is a British font production companyDalton MaagIn collaboration with it, I made a unique font called "Netflix Sans".

In addition to "improving brand power by using unique fonts" as a background for Netflix's development of its own font, "Cost reduction by keeping license of font in company" is cited . Until now NetflixGothamAlthough it was using the font called Netflix, the license fee for use of Gotham was enormous as Netflix scale expanded. With the introduction of Netflix Sans, Netflix expects to reduce the cost of several million dollars (hundred million yen) annually.

The font of Netflix Sans looks like this. At first glance it looks like a common font which is common ... ...

"The upper part of lower case t is subtleCinemascope"Curves of lowercase n are curving while varying thickness" There seems to be a particular attitude. The theme was that capital letters were more "cinematic", lower case letters were "compact and efficient", aimed at fonts which are not visually annoying and display display.

The Netflix logo looks something like this ... ...

Actually making a thumbnail with a title in the work will be like this. The sample is used for "Netflix original work"House of Card Ambition of Stairs"is.

Similarly Netflix original work "Stranger Things Unknown WorldIt is like this.

Netflix Sans is expected to be used in various scenes such as the advertisement of Netflix and the title of the work, and it seems that there are many opportunities to see.

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