The latest trailer of Marvell Hero's gathering "Avengers / Infinity War" released

The Marvel Heroes with plenty of individuality gathered together to fight evil, the latest work of the movie "Avengers" seriesAvengers / Infinity WarThe latest trailer is released.

"Avengers / Infinity War" this notice

A woman's voice saying "Reducing life in the whole universe by half is his ambition" with the scenery of the big city back.

It is the stone with the greatest power in the Marvel work "Infinity StoneIf you arrange all six pieces, you get a great power.

"If we have all of the infinity stones, we just annihilate by ringing the fingers," says Gamora of the Guardians of Galaxy.

Iron Man who asks "What's his name?"


In order to stop the ambition of the villan, Sanos which stood in front of Marvel Heroes, in order to stop the ambition of Sanos, we must combine the power of Marvel Heroes and protect infinity stone from sanosu.

Peter Parker wears a red mask ... ...

I turned into Spiderman.

Iron Man flying toward flying objects.

To the chest of Dr. Strange ......

Infinity Stone is shining green.

Not to mention refraining behind the image of Black Battle ... ...

A small country of Africa Wakanda. While King Wakanda, Marvel Hero's "Black Panther" Te Chala will also appear.

Marvell heroes during the strategy conference, but Iron Man's idea is "not bad, but it is not bad," Star Wars will bite.

Peter Parker who watches uneasily about the two people's interaction ... ...


Iron Man responded to the Star Lord who gets the word "I better leave it to myself", bitterly "Is it so?" Can you fight along well ...?

Black Widow is riding a car with the soldiers of Wakanda.

To the raccoon rocket ......

There is also Grout of "Tree".

Peter Parker gave his hands first ... ...

Doctor · Strange.

Apparently it seems I misunderstood "Doctor · Strange" as a fake name.

Dr. Strange looks like "boy".

"Half of mankind will be extinct soon," Sanos declared.

I can see a small hand holding the hand of Sanos.

Sanos that keeps Infinity Stone steadily steadily.

Can marvel heroes win against the battle? ....

Pinch visits the heroes ... ...

"No matter how much it gathers, Sanos will declare that fate can not be changed."

Iron Man of a look that has not given up yet.

Captain America will desperately keep the arm of Sanos with Infinity Stone.

Sanos that frown on his face.

Where is the winner?

The date of publication of "Avengers / Infinity War" is April 27, 2018 (Friday).

Besides, with the release of the latest trailer, the book poster of "Avengers / Infinity War" has also been lifted.

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