The final trailer of the Marvel movie 'Eternals', which depicts the successor hero of the Avengers who will face the crisis of 7 days until the destruction of the earth

After the movie '

Avengers / Endgame ', the final trailer of the movie 'Eternals ' that depicts the activities of the hero team Eternals who is active in the world where the Avengers who have protected people from various threats that hit the earth has disappeared has been released I did.

Marvel Studios' Eternals | Final Trailer --YouTube

The movie 'Eternals' depicts the immortal race Eternals, who came to Earth long ago and watched over the growth of humankind, playing an active role as a hero. In the previous trailer , it was drawn until Eternals started as a hero team who came to the earth.

Ajak (act: Salma Hayek ), the spiritual leader of Eternals, said, 'Five years ago, Thanos erased half of his life from the entire universe, but the humans on this planet restore it with one fingertip. I did, 'he tells Ikaris (act: Richard Madden ).

'But the sudden resurrection of humankind creates enormous energy.'

'The threat is imminent ...'

Suddenly, the sea and the earth are swallowed somewhere.

When asked by Ikaris, 'What is the grace?', Ajak answers '7 days.' So, the story starts from the situation where only 7 days are left until the destruction of the earth.

A round table with a mysterious red statue is projected in the center, and the line 'We are Eternals' is popping up.

Light is sucked into the woman's throat ...

'I came to this earth 7,000 years ago and protected it from'Diviants'.'

A figure comes down from the sky ...

A boy who is taken aback by his appearance.

A strange monster tries to attack the boy, but ...

Eternals is here.

A fierce battle with monsters.

'Why didn't you fight Thanos? The tragedy in history should have stopped,' said Sersi (act:

Gemma Chan ).

It is being asked that Eternals, an immortal race, should have been able to eliminate the threats that humankind has faced so far.

The answer was, 'Don't intervene unless you have Divians.'

There is no answer to the question 'Who decided?', Only the sixth red giant is projected.

Still, the people of Eternals who stood up to help humanity. It was the hinterland of the Amazon that was projected along with the line 'Find a companion.'

When you open the door ...

The man who came out from the inside was dressed like an indigenous person.

What attacked with a glowing weapon ...

Eternals warrior Senna (act: Angelina Jolie ) who can form any weapon from the energy of the universe.

'It's just the end of the world. You can see it in the front row,' says Sprite (act: Leah McHugh).

Eternals looking for something under the guidance of Phastos (act:

Brian Tyree Henry).

A huge building that rises from the ground

Directed by '

Nomad land was awarded the Best Director for the first time Academy Award as Asian women', Chloe Zhao . Director Jao is also known as an avid Marvel fan.

'I have loved the people of the earth for a long time'

'I decided to protect it because I loved it.'

The truck blows away, but ...

It turned into red petals in an instant.

Mysterious structure

When Sersi touches ...

Light spreads all over.

Suddenly, a volcano erupted.

The people of Eternals fighting fierce battles.

And the evil existence, Divianz, who restrains Senna and talks to 'Who can protect anyone?'

Ikaris engages in a fierce aerial battle with monsters like dragons.

The movie 'Eternals' will be released in theaters on November 5, 2021 (Friday).

Ikaris said, 'It's a hideaway. Is the desk made of vibranium?'

I shook my arm down and halved the desk, and the trailer was over.

The Japanese version of the trailer has also been released.

'Eternals' notice [7 days left until the destruction of the earth. Hen] --YouTube

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