'Self-publishing' that allows developers to sell their own games has started at the Epic Games Store

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Fortnight in Epic Games is August 18, 2021 is known for, game developers without resorting to the company's staff can be performed to create and pricing game of the introductory page with their own 'self-publishing' Closed Announced that the beta version has started at the Epic Games Store. As the hurdles for releasing games have been lowered, it is expected that the titles offered by the Epic Games Store will be further enhanced.

Epic Games Store Closed Beta Self-Publishing Now Available Today!

Epic Games, which is in fierce conflict with Apple and Google over the distribution of revenue for smartphone games, is competing with the major sales platform Steam in the field of PC games. The Epic Games Store, which has been greatly overwhelmed by Steam in terms of the number of game titles it handles, has been aiming to attract users by distributing free games and exclusive distribution of AAA titles.

Competition between Steam and Epic Games Store intensifies due to PC game sales, 'The Division 2' will be distributed at Epic Games Store instead of Steam --GIGAZINE

On August 18th, Epic Games released a closed beta version of 'Self-Publishing,' a tool that allows game developers to set their own product pages, achievements, pricing, offers, build uploads and updates for the Epic Games Store. bottom. This will allow game developers to do their own release work at the Epic Games Store, which previously relied on Epic Games staff.

According to Epic Games, any developer or publisher can submit their products to the Epic Games Store through the closed beta version of 'Self-Publishing.' Existing developers at the Epic Games Store can be consulted through the Business Development Manager, and new participant submissions will be selected on a case-by-case basis, Epic Games advises.

Games that can be submitted include restrictions such as cross-play support on all PC store fronts for multiplayer games, as well as malicious and discriminatory content, obscene content, illegal content, and intellectual property. Content that infringes property, games that contain fraud or fraud such as malware, etc. are not subject to disclosure.

In the announcement, Epic Games said, 'With this new self-publishing tool, the Epic Games Store game and app library will grow faster than ever before.' Self-publishing will expand the game library. He said that it would accelerate further.

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