It was discovered in the Epic Games vs. Google trial that ``Epic Games Store'', which continues to distribute games for free against Steam, continues to be in the red

Epic Games, a game company known for developing the online game Fortnite and the game engine Unreal Engine 5, also operates the game distribution platform Epic Games Store . The Epic Games Store service started in December 2018, but it was revealed in the testimony of the Epic Games vs. Google trial that it was not profitable even at the time of writing the article.

The Epic Games Store still isn't profitable. - The Verge

Epic Games Store is a game distribution platform for PC that started service in December 2018. The Epic Games Store provides functions such as purchasing games and additional content, posting and viewing reviews, and allows you to manage a variety of games on one platform.

As 'Steam' provided by Valve has gained a large share as a game distribution platform for PC, the Epic Games Store, which was launched later, has adopted 'free distribution of games' and 'exclusive sales of games' in order to acquire users. We have developed measures. However, in order to implement ``free distribution of games'' or ``exclusive sale of games'', it is necessary to pay a minimum deposit to the game publisher. It has been revealed that the Epic Games Store is causing tens of billions of yen in losses every year due to these measures, and an Epic Games executive said, ``Epic Games Store will not be profitable until at least 2027.'' He was also reported to have said, 'It will come later.'

Epic Games is creating a loss of about 30 billion yen to compete with Steam - GIGAZINE

In the new Epic Games vs. Google trial that opened on November 7, 2023, Steve Allison, vice president and general manager of Epic Games Store, testified that ``Epic Games Store is not making a profit.'' It was reported that. In other words, the Epic Games Store has been in the red for about five years since the service started.

When Epic Games Store's large losses were revealed in 2021, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney defended the company by saying, ``This is not a loss, but an investment to build a profitable business.'' . In this case, Allison said, ``Epic Games Store still has a goal of growth,'' emphasizing that the Epic Games Store is not carelessly losing money.

The Epic Games vs. Google lawsuit was filed by Epic Games, claiming that ``the fees Google collects from app developers when charges are incurred for Android apps are too high.'' The ``list of approvals that may appear in court'' published on October 5, 2023 includes Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and parent company Alphabet, Ruth Porat, CFO of Google and Alphabet, Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, and Android. The names of big names in the technology world, such as Andy Rubin, who is known as the creator of

Witness list for Epic Games vs. Google antitrust lawsuit released, Android's father Andy Rubin may appear as a witness - GIGAZINE

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