Toyota develops the human type AI robot "CUE (queue)" which does not remove 100% target shot, and Probaske defeats it with a shoot showdown

Not only cars but home care robots "Human Support Robot"Toyota develops a robot that boasts shoot accuracy that surpasses professional basketball players"CUE (queue)"Has been released.

Challenge 100% shooter I will not remove the target shoot which I joined the team newly ... - Arvalq Tokyo 【alvarktokyo】

You can check how CUE shoots with pro athletes of B-League · Arbuku Tokyo in professional basketball in the following movie.

100% shooter CUE (queue) appears! - YouTube

Eerie face full of unevenness

Al Balku Tokyo uniform

This robot standing in the center circle of basketball is "CUE (queue)". He said he was 190 cm tall.

Toyota engineers brought CUE and a huge machine to the court.

Setting in progress

CUE shows a standing as if to start kung fu.

Set the ball on your right ... ...


It seems that the attitude of war has been settled by shaking the goal net stunningly.

It is the two people who pick up CUE and are Arunabaku Tokyo affiliated Ando Osuya, Zak Balanceke.

The rule is to compete for the number of times 10 shoots entered from the side of the free throw line. Ando players and balance key players will shoot alternately.

Following the Ando player who decided the first shot, CUE unquestionably decides the shot.

Balance key player also decided to shoot ......

CUE also shakes the net with a ball if you lose.

Among the unexpected development of both, balanced key players misdemeanor. The ball was disliked by the ring and went off.

Balanced key players who hang balls by placing them in front of CUE's eyes

However, the CUE of the AI ​​robot can not be disturbed by interfering work ... ...

I will decide my goal after all.

Due to the ups and downs, Ando and Balance key players hit the ring, while barely deciding to shoot, CUE continues to shake only the net with exact unequal shoots. The high degree of stability glows.

Somehow, it was a development that continued patience continued to believe that CUE was removed, but the 10th shot that Balanced key players released ......

He also ran out of heartlessness.

Balanced key player who falls down unexpectedly. Defeat decided without waiting for the last shot of CUE.

And, the cold CUE decided the 10th win, complete victory.

CUE won the professional basketball player.

The appearance of this shoot showdown,Asahi ShimbunIt is contained in the movie.

The model debuts Sakuragi Hanamichi AI robot, B league? - General sports, tennis, basketball, rugby, amefoot, fighting sports, athletics: Asahi Newspaper Digital

Basketball player victory over Arvarc Tokyo professional at Shut Showdown - YouTube

A balance key player who compares the size of the hand before the fight.

It looks like CUE's shot is seen from the side. I can see that he uses his knees to hit the ball.

Soft snap

What a CUE, manga "SLAM DUNK"It is said that it was developed inspired by" 20,000 shoots of Sakuragi Hanamichi ".

Only the left hand will ...

Interview after the fight. Ando said, "I thought that one trim would be removed as expected", but Ate was off and I accepted the complete defeat.

Meanwhile, Balance key player said that he thought that the robot made by Toyota had no chance from the beginning, he said that it is "a natural result".

Mr. Takahiro Tsujimoto and Toyota Motor Corporation who developed CUE and Hiroki Ihyara.Toyota Technical Association (TES)Technicians belonging to Toyota's oldest informal group in the company developed it with the theme of "Combining AI and Mechanism".

Machine is fully packed also in the base part.

The development of CUE which was a start from scratch is a series of trial and error, about 200 thousand shoot simulations were done. Ultimately, it seems that if the distance is within 2 to 4 meters from the ring, shoot accuracy that can be determined perfectly from anywhere is realized.

CUE which was open to the public at the exchange event with local people held in November 2017 was planned to sleep in the warehouse. However, stakeholders of Toyota Motor Men 's Basketball Club in Roots and Toyota Motor' s main sponsor, Al - Balk Tokyo 's stakeholders liked the exact unequaled shoot demonstrations and decided to invite members of Arvalq Tokyo.

And Arvalval Tokyo announced the participation of CUE really during the final day of registering the player of the B league 2017-18 season.

Notice of 100% shooter "CUE" joining in the last days of the B league 2017-18 season player registration period - Al Balk Tokyo

The position of 100% shooter "CUE" is a shooting guard, and the number of jersey is "70" named after TES '70th anniversary celebration. "It's a feature that I do not remove 100% aimed shoot". CUE will be showcased at Albark Tokyo vs. Tochigi Brax, which will be held at Arena Tachikawa Tateike on March 28, 2018.

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