Boston Dynamics announces withdrawal from bipedal robot 'Atlas' development project, retrospective video also released

On April 16, 2024,

Boston Dynamics , a robotics company under the Korean automobile manufacturer Hyundai , announced that it would withdraw from the development of the bipedal robot Atlas .

Atlas shrugged: Boston Dynamics retires its hydraulic humanoid robot | TechCrunch

Atlas was unveiled to the public in July 2013. Boston Dynamics worked with

the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop the robot for use in disaster response. DARPA said, 'At the time of its debut, Atlas was one of the most advanced humanoid robots ever built.'

To mark the withdrawal, Boston Dynamics posted a video looking back at Atlas.

Farewell to HD Atlas - YouTube

This is what the Atlas looked like when it was first released. Its silver body was distinctive.

Later, Atlas, covered in white parts, was announced along with the quadrupedal robot

Spot .

Atlas showed incredible athletic ability, including performing

backflips , but behind the scenes there were numerous failures and painstaking work by human engineers.

Atlas jumps vigorously onto the next platform.

However, he lost his balance when he landed and fell hard.

You could get caught in the elevator doors.

Jump towards the next step.

The balance will be thrown off.

He fell over right away.

A gravel road walking test was also conducted.

However, they can suddenly lose their balance and roll down the slope.

Many engineers were involved in the development of Atlas.

Atlas bows deeply and says goodbye.

It ends with Boston Dynamics' words, 'Until we meet again.'

Boston Dynamics has not disclosed details about its decision to withdraw from Atlas, but Tech Crunch noted that Atlas, powered by a hydraulic system, was outdated by modern robotics standards.

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