Four-legged walking robot "SpotMini" who stands on its own by sliding on a banana but stands on its own

A rude humanoid robot that gets up by oneself even if kicked many timesAtlas"And a quadruped walking robot with a weird figure in walking"Big Dog"Quadruped walking robot with an eerie figure"Spot"Boston Dynamics has developed a new small-sized quadruped walking robot" SpotMini "and released a movie showing the actual movement.

Introducing SpotMini - YouTube

This white body robot is SpotMini.

SpotMini of about 30 kg can be passed under under a huge Spot.

SpotMini walks out as if it passed through.

Walking to another room as it is ... ...

I'm going down and down under the table.

SpotMini features a small body and a long neck with a head like a dinosaur. It is usually stored in the back part, but you can extend your neck as needed.

It shows dance-like movement centering around long neck.

The long neck is convenient for taking things. A cup in the sink ......

Catch it well with long neck.

They put the glass in the dishwasher.

Next time you leave an empty can from the side ... ...

Poi up to the trash.

SpotMini running in the corridor at a tremendous speed ... ...

I will slip on the floor banana.

Both human beings and robots slide in the banana.

Even if it collapses, there is no problem because it stands up like a support rod and stands on its own.


SpotMini who brought drinks to people.

I'd like to give a drink ......

Even if I try to take it, I will not let go of the drink, a bitter smile. I remember my dog ​​while watching this action.

Boston Dynamics was acquired by Google in 2013, but it is judged that it is unlikely to generate profits in the coming years,Google's parent company Alphabet soldWe are considering companies that are sold to Toyota Research Institute (TRI) and Amazon, which Toyota established in the US, are sold to them. IT related mediaTech InsiderAccording to the latter half of May 2016, Toyota was expected to conclude the bargain negotiations of Boston Dynamics soon.

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