Boston · Dynamics exposes a strange appearance new robot to show amazing balance sensation & jump

A robot research and development company from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that was acquired by Google in 2013Boston · Dynamicsis. Mr. Mark Leibert, a former MIT professor who founded the company, has developed a new humanoid (?) Robot. The robot's movie is released and you can see the tremendous sense of balance and mobility, but the odd appearance which is not to say is as ever.

Boston Dynamics "nightmare inducing" wheeled robot, presentation video close-up - YouTube

A new type robot nestling to the left slightly in the center of the screen

Extend the joint legs so that a person stretches his feet ......

I will start running as it is. At this time, the two arms at the top of the main body are designed to protrude forward ... ...

When stopping, you can see that the whole balance is taken by shaking the two arms in the direction opposite to the traveling direction.

Furthermore, the robot which rotates kurukuru on the spot. It is not invisible to human type as it has two arms and two legs, but since it has a unique movementAtlasPeople like humanity do not feel dust.

The scene changes, bending your leg while stopping ... ...

I started running as it was.

Bend your feet further while adjusting the height.

A robot that moves meandering by rocking the center of gravity to the left and right in the condition that it does not become lower any more.

Pass through the eyes of the shooting camera ......

I will rotate Kurukuri on the spot with my legs bent.

Next, start spinning around the place ......

I will gradually increase the speed of rotation. During high-speed rotation, the two arms were extended parallel to the ground, and here it was confirmed that we used arms for dexterity like a human being to balance the whole.

Next, the robot placed in front of the table.

Start moving quickly ......

Move to the next table.

Furthermore, the robot came outdoors.

Showing stable running even on the lawn slope ... ....

Clear the steps without problems.

At the end is a robot which starts a high speed running which has never been before in a spacious space.

Bend legs while driving ......

I jumped over obstacles and jumped over.

Upon landing, like a human foot, it absorbs shocks with bending and stretching exquisitely.

In addition, the appearance of the new type robot will be shown in the movie below.

The latest "nightmare inducing" Boston Dynamics robots - YouTube

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