Boston Dynamics' four-legged robot 'SpotMini' improved version got a little bit dim.

Leave Google's handSOFTBANK acquiredRobot development company Boston Dynamics (Boston · Dynamics), a quadruped walking robot "SpotMini"We released a new version of the movie. The new SpotMini wearing a gaudy yellow exterior has a smooth movement and "Kimo" has drastically declined.

The movement of the new "SpotMini" can be confirmed in the following movie.

The New SpotMini - YouTube

The new SpotMini heading straight towards here. It is a sophisticated impression with a yellow exterior from the old mold of metal frame bare.

It is perfectly stationary in front of the camera.

Look into the camera SpotMini.

Hold down your position and stay flat. Will you come ...?

I thought, I looked forward ahead of my posture. Perhaps it was just a "bowing".

SpotMi, which began to walk lightly again, went back to the "nest".

It seems that there is an announcement about details near "Coming soon".

The awkward movement and SpotMini where the bare frame was born have a sophisticated exterior of yellow and it seems that movement is even smoother. The old SpotMini movement as of June 2016 can be confirmed in the following movie. It seems that SpotMini steadily evolved, which had been flying down stepping on the banana peel.

Introducing SpotMini - YouTube

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