A movie "COLOR PSYCHOLOGY" collecting the impression of "color" used in movies

In the movie, various colors according to the scene are used. The impression that such "color" gives to the audience, a movie that explained a famous movie as an example is "COLOR PSYCHOLOGY"is.


Pink gives the impression of "Innocence" "Innocence". "Maleficent"Princess Aurora in childhood appeared in" It was surrounded by pink flowers.

"My Girl"Unified the interior of the child room with pink.

"I'm six years old until I become an adult."Pink bedding comes out also.

In addition, pink color also expresses "sweetness". "Marie Antoinette"A lot of pink sweets appeared.

"Grease"A female girl named French of the female group" Pink Ladies "that appeared in" All the pink colors to hair, costumes, and eating gums.

"Grand Budapest hotel"There are scenes in which two main characters jump into the box of a pink cupcake.

Dark pink color represents "femininity". movies"ChicagoAnd ...

"Mean · GirlsWomen wearing pink clothes.

"Welcome to Zombie World"The bedroom is filled with dark pink stuff.

"Wolf of Wall StreetIn the scene where Naomi seduces Jordan, Naomi was wearing dark pink clothes.

"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"Mr. Ann Bridge, Senior Vice-Minister of the Magic Ministry who first appeared in", was full of pink from the thing to the accessory of the room.

"Jennifer's Body"Scene where friends Needy is about to uncover Jennifer's secret.

"Harry Potter and the Mysterious PrinceIn the mischievous specialty store Wiesley Wizard Weez, a pink love medicine appears.

"Moulin rouge"The show at the cabaret is lit up with a deep pink color.

"Spring Breakers", The female college students of the hero wearing a pink mask and bikini will fight a gun battle.

Red is a color often used in violent scenes. "BELLY bullets of bloodScenes where bright red blood spreads across the screen.

"Only God"There is an action scene to confront in a red room.

"Hard CandyScene that pulls off all the pictures hung on the wall at full force.

"ShiningThe scene where bright red blood pours into the whole room is impressive.

"2001 Space Journey"When the artificial intelligence HAL 9000 starts to break down, the inside of the ship is dyed with a bright red lamp.

"Alice in Wonderland"Alice in a red dress confront with a soldier of playing cards.

Red is also often used in passionate situations.

"American Beauty", There is a sexy scene in which a woman is wrapped in American beauty, a kind of rose used also as a title.

Red and yellow are also colors that express "sociality" "friendship".

"Monkey's planet: New century (Rising)Scene in which the monkeys come together in one place.

"Darjeeling expressEven in the scenes rushing into a running train with a yellow type color is used.

Reception to welcome customers at "Grand Budapest hotel" is also yellow.

"BORN TO BE WILD Live in the wild"There is a scene where the elephant rubs yellow sand to the body.

"Fantastic Mr. FOXAt the beginning of the scene is summarized in yellow or brown.

Yellow is also a color representing "warmth". The scene where the forest burns with "Alice in Wonderland".

There is a scene that the flame burns even in "Mareficent".

"OdysseyThe scene where the sun rises from the back of the hero left behind on Mars in.

The color of the red system may also represent youthfulness.

A scene where a young Aurora princess jumps into the mountain of fallen leaves at "Mareficent".

"The Royal Tenenbaums"Richie in childhood, wearing a beige-like coat or a hair band.

The color of the drink is also used effectively according to the scene.

Yellow is often used in scenes expressing "madness".

"Bird man or (an unexpected miracle brought by ignorance)The scene where a daughter hurts anger against his father.

Yellow also expresses "anxiety". "Her / one in the worldScenes that the hero is having trouble with.

In 'The Royal Tenenbaums', troubled Margo is staying in the Riche tent.

Green is used effectively in movies as color representing nature. "Moonrise KingdomBoy scouts work outdoors.

"Into the WildScenes going through the forest with ".

"Life of Pie"The tiger walks in the green forest.

Green may also represent "immature" or "childishness".

Childhood of "Mareficent".

Green is also a color that represents "destruction" "destruction" "murder". "melancholia"The key visual is that the heroine of depression is floating in water in the form of a bride.

In "Mareficent" the color scheme of green and black directs villaininess.

"Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireThe battle scenes in the cemetery of "green" are also used.

Blue is a color that expresses calm and calm.

Sometimes I use blue to express distant feelings of distance.

"RevenantThe scene that goes in the snow with the.

"Harry Potter and the Philosopher's StoneScenes that challenge the difficulties that the teachers of the magic school made.

Dark blue is sometimes used to represent the fantasy world. "Matrix RevolutionThe desolated world on earth is expressed in dark blue or black.

"AvatarThe world is colored with blue and purple.

"X-MEN: Future & PastThe battle scene of purple.

Purple is also used as a color representing "eroticism".

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