"Firefox 59" official release, page reading can be further accelerated & referrer path information can be deleted in private mode

"Firefox 59The official version of "has been released. Faster page loading, tracking in private browsing mode, Android Assist (Home long push) function etc was added.

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◆ Desktop version
·Speeding up
Firefox 59 is based on Firefox Quantum (Firefox 57) which is the big update since Firefox 1.0 in 2004, and it is even faster. Firefox homepage and content loading time are shortened, and reading from the cache of the network cache and the HDD speeds up the page loading.

Delete HTTP referrer path information
In Firefox 59, the function of deleting the referrer's path information (HTTP referral path) sent from a third party in the private browsing mode is enabled, and tracking between sites can be prevented.

· Customize Firefox homepage
On the Firefox homepage (top page), we can rearrange widgets by drag & drop.

· Enhanced screenshot function
You can now annotate screenshots and add highlights.

◆ Android version
· Assist application
Firefox has been added to the assistant application. This will allow you to search by pressing and holding the Home button.

· HLS support
HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) is supported, and compatibility at streaming movie sites is up.

Delete HTTP referrer path information
Deletion of HTTP referrer path in private browsing mode has been introduced as with the desktop version.

· Delete "about:" page
The "about:" page has been deleted. In the future, we will use "About Firefox" dialog instead.

In Firefox 59, vulnerabilities are corrected, including three "Critical" and four "High (high)".

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