"Firefox 60" official release, Web Authentication API supported and enterprise-ready

"Firefox 60The official version of "has been released. The support of the Web Authentication API enabled authentication without password entry, and Quantum Firefox for enterprises, which administrators can easily control security, was also released.

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Firefox - Notes (60.0) - Mozilla

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Firefox for Android - Notes (60.0) - Mozilla

◆ Desktop version
· Web Authentication API
Firefox 60 supports "Web Authentication API". Thus, "YubiKeyYou will be able to log in to your online account using a device such as "Safe authentication without using a password." However, since it is possible to authenticate with YubiKey etc. only for sites that adopt Web Authentication to the last, you can not completely eliminate passwords.

· Camera privacy
When movie recording is disabled, Firefox automatically turns off camera and camera lights until you activate the function again.

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· Firefox for Enterprise
"For enterprises"Firefox for Enterprise"Has been released. For enterprise firefox, a new policy engine and group policy are applied so that IT administrators can manage and customize the browser in the group.

Firefox Quantum for Enterprise Web Browser | Firefox

· WebVR
WebVR API is now available on macOS.

· Symantec TLS certification
TLS certificates issued by Symantec prior to June 1, 2016 are no longer trusted.

◆ Android version
With Firefox for Android, high-speed CSS engine "Quantum CSS (Stylo)"Has been supported.

In Firefox 60, vulnerabilities including 1 "Critical (highest)" and 6 "High (high)" vulnerabilities are being fixed.

Security vulnerabilities fixed in Firefox 60 - Mozilla

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