Apple certified accessories proof "MFi" logo design changed

Apple's third-party accessory certification program "MFiIt has become clear that I changed the logo used in.

Apple Changes MFi Logo - Manufacturers Have 90 Days to Respond | ChargerLab

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The MFi program is a licensing system to ensure that third party accessories announced in 2005 are compatible with Apple products. MFi stands for "Made for iPhone / iPad / iPod", and the MFi logo indicates that it is an accessory made for Apple terminals. If such MFi logo is renewed, and three new designs will be providedChargerLabIt reports.

According to the information ChargerLab got from Apple's internal information provider, Apple announced on February 9, 2018 to change the MFi logo printed on the package to a new design for third-party manufacturers is. According to the information, the accessory maker is required to change the MFi logo within 90 days. It seems that the PDF guidelines that can be downloaded from the MFi program are also updated as of February 2018.

The way the logo was changed is as follows.

The following logo shows the MFi logo before change

New MFi logo indicating that it is for iPhone / iPad / iPod

When the iPod is removed from the target terminal, use the following logo

For wireless accessories such as wireless charging pad, for iPhone only, use the following new logo

The MFi logo so far has an iPhone / iPad / iPod logo, but with the new MFi logo it is only with a black apple logo. And the order of the terminals displayed in the logo has been changed from iPod / iPhone / iPad in order of appearance to iPhone / iPad / iPod. About the order of displayed terminals ChargerLab is "order of popularity of each product". Also, the font used for the logo is also changed.

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