I tried Ivorish "French toast cookie" which reproduced French toast of specialty shop with cookie

Cookie which reproduced French toast from Thursday, March 1, 2018 with Ivorish (Ivorish) specializing in French toast, "French toast cookie"Has appeared. I was concerned about what kind of finish the French toast specialty shop · Ivorish cookie offering "French toast which can not be imitated at home" sticking to the material of bread, so I actually bought it and tried it .

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French toast cookie | Ivorish | French toast specialty store, mail order is Ivorish (Ivoryish)

This is the package of French toast cookie. Ivorish French toast is drawn on the wrapping paper. This time I purchased French toast cookie (16 pieces including tax included 2052 yen) at the actual store of Ivorish,Official online shopBut you can buy it.

The wrapping paper is stamped with golden color, fashionable atmosphere

Raw materials include maple-flavored cream and maple sugar, as well as materials with a sense of French toast, as well as general cookies such as sugar, margarine, wheat flour, etc. were listed.

Calorie is 96 kacl per piece.

Peel off the wrapping paper and pull out the box in the manner of a match box, inside which cookie sachets were lined.

Two types of individual packaging package design, "coffee filled mug cup" and "frying pan cooked French toast". Both packages have the same contents.

When I take out the cookie, the smell of maple sugar drifts off.

The round and thick shape of French toast cookie is based on the Ivorish signboard menu "Round French toastIt is reminiscent of. The center of the fabric is hollow, it is brown and there is lack of tea.

The size is about 5 cm in diameter and about the same as the short side of the transportation IC card

A cross section of French toast cookie looks like this. The fabric of the part which is recessed has a high density, while the density of the fabric is low on the outside, the gap is conspicuous. The bottom of the dough combines melted sugar and cookie's fabric and it is hardened like a crow.

Taking it by hand, the thickness is more than 1 cm.

The outer fabric was easy to collapse, collapsed from the part held during shooting and dropped one piece on the plate.

There was no butter name in the raw material, but at the moment you put it in your mouth, a thick scent like butter spreads with the sweet smell of maple sugar. The outer side of the dough collapsing fabric is crispy texture, but the central fabric solidified like a chewy chewy crust. According to the word of the official page that "a crispy feel of cookies and a crispy texture of bread like a baked French toast in an oven" can be tasted, the flavor like butter, the crisp crusted fabric on the outside and the bottom Crispy texture reminds me of French toast.

French toast cookies consist of Ivorish's stores, each time-limited pop-up shop, andOfficial online shopAvailable for purchase. The price by number is the same for both real shops and online shops, and 8 pieces enters 1080 yen including tax, and 16 pieces entered with 2052 yen including tax. In addition, the online shop will be free shipping & cool flight commission free of charge if the total order price is over 10,000 yen. For details,Official pageYou can check from.

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French toast cookie | Ivorish | French toast specialty store, mail order is Ivorish (Ivoryish)

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