The movie "The Life of a Camera" depicting the transition of society, such as popular flaming of film cameras from the camera's perspective

Recently,Film cameraYaAnalog recordThe popularity of equipment using analog media such as, for example, has reappeared for a long time. Meanwhile, a movie that depicts the transition of society from the viewpoint of the camera, such as resurrection from the vicissitudes of film cameras "The Life of a CameraIs the author'sAndrew Saladino'S YouTube channelThe Royal Ocean Film SocietyIt is published in. The scenery from the film camera "YAMASHETA" and the transformation of society are drawn chicly.

The Life of a Camera - YouTube

The protagonist of the movie was born in the 20th centuryPopularityIt was YAMASHETA of a camera using 35 mm film. This camera looks like a single lens reflex camera, but with a simple structure without lens exchange and shutter speed adjustment function,A tasteful photomakeToy camerais. I will draw a movie on what kind of lifetime YAMASHETA will send.

On the first day of YAMASHETA 's life, YAMASHETA has arrived at the owner' s hand. The image of the movie is contained in a frame of 35 mm film style.

Got out of the bag ......

Shimmering YAMASHETA appeared.

TEXAS (Texas State) and a lithograph that was digged ... ...

YAMASHETA will shoot the old cityscape.

I will burn what I saw on film one after another through a lens.

Day 12

Taking a mountain in the distance ... ...

We will record various landscapes of the day.

I shot the sea on the 174 th day.

The blue sea spreading all over enters the lens.

On the 782nd day, we photographed the landscape of the party and recorded one scene of life.

We will use Kodak's film to photograph the everyday landscape in the photograph.

YAMASHETA's life will flow like an arrow.

9721 days (26th year) ... ...

It rushed to 15812th day (43th year).

Even in the morning ......


Burn people, things, nature etc on the film.

For many years unique toy cameraVignettingI have created a tasty picture.

I will put a dark cloud in the life of such YAMASHETA.

Yamashaeta gazes at the change in the age displayed on TV.

11th September 2001America simultaneous terrorist attacksWill be displayed.

Digital technological innovation is reflected. Apple's announcement of the iPod by Steve Jobs ... ...

SNS FacebookMark · ザ ッ カ ー バ ー グIt is produced by.

In 1997 ... ...

SONY is a digital camera, digital Mavica seriesMVC-FD 7It creates.

This digital camera has a liquid crystal panel on the back and is equipped with a 3.5 inch floppy disk slot in the side.

Photographs taken are recorded on a floppy disk, and film is unnecessary. The generation change from film camera to digital camera is implied.

President of the United States at that timeGeorge W. BushIs projected ... ...

We declare the global financial crisisInternational financial crisis in 2008, known as "Lehman shock"I will declare.

The camera industry is a compact digital camera ......

Digital single-lens reflex cameras and digital cameras are already becoming common and film cameras are going to lose momentum.

In 2008Barack ObamaMr. elected as President of the United States.

I declare "Yes, we can." (We can do, I can do it).

year 2012

Production manufacturer of film essential to YAMASHETAKodak bankruptTo do.

A film director cooperating with a new movie film camera that Kodak had developedSteven SpielbergMr. and ...

Film directorQuentin TarantinoWas projected. In addition, both coaches wanted a long time laterMovie film cameras will be resurrected.

YAMASHETA who lost the film which was essential for photography is taken care of by the owner ......

It became unnecessary goods.

Time will not stop and in 2013Boston Marathon Bombing Terror CaseOccurred ... ...

In the film industry Sony Pictures Entertainment will be available in 2014Hacking attackI will accept.

Raise Charlie Ebud Company, which issues a satirical weekly magazine in 2015Charlie Ebud raid incidentIt will happen.

And, in 2015 the popularity of analog records will rekindle.

The scenery in which the analog record is picked up at the record shop is displayed in the news video.

"Analog revival" headlines are displayed along with landscapes taken with 8 mm film.

In 2016,Donald TrumpMr. won the president.

The popularity of analog equipment re-burns and the heading "film camera is resurrected" is displayed.

YAMASHETA who was sleeping in the storeroom was taken out ......

The first day of YAMASHETA's new life begins.

The value is found in the tasty photograph of the film and it is needed to take a picture again.

YAMASHETA is used for owner ......

To the next owner.

Next owner receives YAMASHETA ......

It is used for shooting.

The next owner of YAMASHETA appears ......

YAMASHETA's life will continue.

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