That "Print Gokko" is discontinued, the curtain falls over the 31-year history

It is released in 1977, a simple printing press "Print Gocco" gathered popularity as a printing machine that makes it easier to make New Year's cards and hot summer sundries, etc. It seems that the 31-year history will cease.

It is a printed gogo that was advertised with a TV commercial "It is a citizen event," is this change of the times too?

Details are as below.
Notice of the end of sale of Print Gocco

According to this release, Riso Kagaku Kogyo seems to finish selling manufacturers of Print Gokko main body on June 30, 2008.

Although it was released in 1977 (1977), it has been widely used for New Year's card printing and cloth printing for 31 years since then, but due to the rapid popularization of personal computers and inkjet printers since the late 1990s, demand has increased Because it decreased, I decided to end sales of the print gland main body.

We are continuing to sell related supplies such as lamps, inks and masters for the immediate future.

Is it also affecting that the year-end postcards of inkjet paper that can be printed on a personal computer are already spreading and that people who do not send New Year's cards and hot summer grew more and more ... ...?

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