Fujifilm finally finished sales of instant camera film "FP-100C"

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Fujifilm's color film for Polaroid camera "FP-100CWe announced that production, shipment and sales will be completed by the spring of 2016 as the volume of sales in the series declined.

Notice on sale of instant color film "FP-100C": Notice | FUJIFILM

Products that will be discontinued will be delivered to the "FP-100C" series of instant camera film for peeling type "FP-100C PS 1"" FP-100C PS 20 ""FP-100C PSSL 1"" FP-100C PSSL 20 ". As soon as the stock runs out, the sale is over and the final shipment is expected to be around the spring of 2016. Fujifilm has continued its corporate efforts to continue providing the FP-100C, but it is said that digital cameras have become mainstream and can no longer maintain the number of sales corresponding to the number of production. FUJIFILM "Cheki" and special film etc will be on sale continuously.

Fujifilm's announcement is also being reported at overseas media Fast Company. Even after Polaroid completely withdraws from the instant film business in 2008, Fujifilm has continued to offer instant film for more than 10 years, but it is expected that it will become difficult to obtain films after April I will. Fast Company reports that the possibility that sales will be terminated earlier than April can be fully considered by enthusiasts trying to secure the market FP-100C.

The Last Film For Millions Of Classic Polaroid Cameras Is About To Go Away | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Impossible, which continues to manufacture and sell instant film for Polaroid cameras, sells products called "INSTANT LAB" that can develop photos taken with smartphones with instant film. Although it is an instant film industry expected to become more and more severe in the future, can we survive even as far as the side of the digital age?

Instant Lab | Impossible Tokyo KK. Analog Instant Film and Cameras.

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