Is the name "marijuana" racist and should be abolished?

byMichael Fischer

Marijuana that is legalized in the United States is also called "marijuana", but there is a claim that the name marijuana is related to race discrimination and should be avoided.

Marijuana: is it time to stop using a word with racist roots? | Society | The Guardian

There are various names such as "hemp", "Ganja", "Happa", "Reefer" in dried hemp leaves, but the most widely used name is "marijuana". In the United States, it became possible to use cannabis as a medicinal formulation in 1840, and in the Age of Abstinence Act was also acted as a substitute for sake, but in combination with problems such as deterioration of security, it became illegal by federal law in 1937 it was done.

Harry Anslinger, a bureaucrat at that time, was a man who worked on illegalization of hemp. "There are about 100,000 marijuana smokers in the United States, most of themNigroAnd Hispanic, Filipino, and entertainer. Jazz like devils they makeSwingIt is the result of using marijuana. Marijuana repeatedly made remarks saying that white women ask for methods that have sexual relations with Nigros. Therefore, in today's marijuana industry, the words "cannabis" and "marijuana" are both used, but in the scenes that should be cautious about words, the word "cannabis" which does not have a negative history It tends to be used. It is because the word "marijuana" is considered to have racial discrimination from past history.

Harborside, the oldest pharmacy handling marijuana in California, is linked to the idea of ​​"Website" "The name" Marijuana "is" cannabis is dangerous and has dependency to make people drunk " It does not indicate that it is a medicine of stomach cancer.This stigma is interfering with legalization of cannabis in the United States. "

In the first place, the name marijuana came from Mexico. Its origins are not clear, but Martin Booth's "Cannabis: A History"There is a theory that it is coming from" Maria y Juana "which shows" brothel (mosque / brothels) "in Aztec language. Marijuana came into the southern part of the United States from the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth century and spread the habit of smoking by the hands of workers and soldiers. The ship from Brazil arrives in New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz, so it seems that black jazz musicians accepted marijuana's customs as soon as possible.

byNathan Bingle

In recent years, the number of states that legalize cannabis is increasing in the USA, the marijuana industryGrowing to 10 billion dollars (1 trillion yen) scaledoing. However, even if a company puts a lot of money into cultivating cannabis, it remains as a big wall that individuals can possess only a certain amount that is insignificant. I think that cannabis related legalization will reduce the cannabis related crime and since the cannabis legalized in Colorado, the number of cases arrested for boys and girls possessing marijuana exceeding the prescribed amount increased And that. And in modern times arrests related to cannabis are greatly involved with minorities.

In 2016, as many as 600,000 people were arrested for cannabis related charges in the United States, many cases arrested with a small amount of possession occurred more than those related to violent crime. And it turns out that racial minorities are particularly susceptible to the influence. Statistically, even though the race is different, the proportion of using cannabis is shown to be the same, but the racial minority is more likely to be punished, and according to the American Free Human Rights Association, from 2001 to 2010 It seems that the probability that African Americans are arrested by marijuana possessing nearly four times that of white people. And even though a small number of 600,000 people arrested are actually in prison, the fact that they were arrested afterwards becomes an obstacle to building a house or renting a student loan.

Some states and communities are trying to eliminate the record if they are convicted with a small amount of cannabis possession. In addition,Drug warWe are trying to create a so-called "fair program" that supports entrepreneurs who have become difficult to conduct projects under the influence of the company. However, facing the past of racial discrimination named marijuana, there are not many movements to break the relevance by changing the name.

byThought Catalog

However, because the medical marijuana industry, which is considered legal, uses the name "Cannabis", while minorities are being arrested on "marijuana", we are going to change the situation by stopping the name "marijuana" But, the idea of ​​this claim. Sometimes it is argued as "ridiculous"Pink triangleYaN wordsAnything that was used in relation to racial discrimination, etc. is now regarded as a symbol of suppression of the community. In order to change the situation of minorities related to cannabis, it is argued that we should not use the word "marijuana" or think as an important thing to express the past of racial discrimination.

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