Trailer for Super Bowl of the latest SF series "Cloverfield · Paradox" produced by J · J · Abrams

"Star Trek" and "Star Wars / Awakening of the Force"J · J · Abrams"The director worked on the production"Cloverfield / HAKAISHA"10 Cloverfield Lane"New series following the series"Cloverfield / Paradox"Was delivered by Netflix monopoly was announced on the CM for Super Bowl. Today also in Japan ·Published from February 5, 2018 (Monday)It will be.


Young people gathering under the statue of the Statue of Liberty.

You can hear a monster barking behind a young man who says "You better leave the city at once".

If you point the camera in the direction in which the voice was heard, you can see an explosion in the far place.

A man looking at the explosion from the building.

Immediately after the message "Something came 10 years ago", people who flee the city are reflected. People photographing with the camera are desperately running away, so I'm not sure what is coming.

The head of the Statue of Liberty rolling on the road. Things that are supposed to be "images of ten years ago" in the works so far. It also appeared in the first movie "Cloverfield / HAKAISHA", which shows that this work is set in 10 years after "Cloverfield / HAKAISHA".

And the picture returns to the present age. Something else is heard, the man gently raised his face looking at something, but what is on the end of that line of sight ...?

White light rushes up in a huge tower type device.

A woman telling us that "I have stopped doing what I have done so far."

When some switch is turned ... ...

As if gravity disappeared in a moment, human beings and various things come to mind.

Huge buildings such as the space station are collapsing as they explode.

The right arm who walked dexperately with his fingers on the floor. It seems that it is separated from the body.

The crew of the space station and the dudes who are watching it.

"Cloverfield / Paradox"

"Exclusive delivery from tonight at Netflix"

In October 2018, "Cloverfield" series will be the fourth work "OverloadAlthough it is announced that the publication of the publication is also scheduled, publication of Japan is undecided at the time of article creation.

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