Mr. Bill Gates also builds a huge plant for "CO2 immobilization project" that aims interest and budget

Mr. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft who became one of the world's leading assets, founded the world's largest charity fund group "Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation" with his wife Melinda, funded various charities It is. One of the projects that Mr. Gates is interested in is adsorbing and fixing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to produce fuel, etc. In Canada, a huge carbon dioxide immobilization plant is actually constructed It has been.

How Bill Gates aims to clean up the planet | Environment | The Guardian

Various researches and initiatives are being promoted around the world in order to lower the concentration of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide in the air, which is considered to be one of the causes of global warming. Under such circumstances, researches on a method "to separate carbon dioxide in the air and not release it to the atmosphere again" are under way.

A huge facility like the following is built in the city called Squamish in the state of British Columbia in western Canada. This facility attracts the atmosphere with hundreds of gigantic fans lining up, separates carbon dioxide and water from the atmosphere by using special equipment inside. And by using hydrogen obtained by electrolysis of separated carbon dioxide and water, it is possible to create biofuels that can run automobiles and buses.

The concept of internal mechanism is like this. In this device, carbon dioxide can be separated and immobilized by passing air having a carbon dioxide concentration of 400 ppm through a special filter which is a patented technology, and the concentration can be lowered to about 100 ppm and sent out again. This method is "Direct air capture(DAC) ", it is possible to catch the problematic carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere literally directly and fix it, and use it for other uses.

This project is based on Sukomish at startup founded in 2009Carbon EngineeringWhat is going on. The technique used here is not specially new, but trying to solve the problem by combining several old technologies, Gates and the biggest in the oil industry, Norman Murray Mr. Edwards and others are investing in this project.

Carbon Engineering: CO2 capture and the synthesis of clean transportation fuels

At Carbon Engineering, California's energy-related company "GreyrockWe combine tags, carbon dioxide collected from the atmosphere, and biofuel based on hydrogen produced by decomposing waterAir to FuelsWe have succeeded in realizing a process called (A2F). Carbon Engineering's Jeff Horms says, "A2F holds the potential to become a game changer, and we can realize an inexpensive renewable energy source with the scaling effect of a larger scale."

When this process is realized, the carbon dioxide from the transportation agency, which is said to emit one third of the carbon dioxide produced on the earth, is fixed and "total recycling" as the fuel makes it possible to reduce the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions It will be possible to realize "zero emission" becoming zero, and furthermore it will be possible to approach "negative emissions" which will gradually reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Although it is a DAC technology that will become a breakthrough carbon dioxide countermeasure if it realizes, the way to realization is not necessarily flat, and there are also a few scientists who cast doubt on the effectiveness thereof . It was published in the science magazine "Science"The trouble with negative emissionsIn a paper entitled "Negative / Emission Problems", while two experts say "it is not against negative emissions technology", it is said that "it never has large-scale results" He stated that efforts should be undertaken on the premise and point out that having no such viewpoint is "a serious moral hazard."

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