Development of an airship type airborne floating robot advances to investigate the internal space of the Great Pyramid of Giza

In November 2017, Egypt's "The Great Pyramid of Giza"Space that had not been discovered in the past was discovered inside. In order to investigate this unknown space, an exploration plan using a small folding airship robot has been announced.

What's Hiding Inside Egypt's Great Pyramid? Tiny Robots May Find Out

The Great Pyramid of Giza is a pyramid with King Khufu and its height is about 150 meters, it was known as the world's tallest building until the 14th century Lincoln Cathedral was built. It is estimated that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built around 2,500 BC, so it was actually the world's tallest building for 3800 years, and its mystique is transmitted.

Inside the Pyramid of King Kufu, the space which had not been found by the research group of Nagoya University's special research professor Kunihiro MorishimaDiscoveryit was done. Researchers have successfully seen through the interior space without damaging valuable pyramids by observing cosmic ray muons (muons).

I found that the newly discovered space is located directly above the "Great Corridor" leading to the "between the kings" in the center of the pyramid. The Scan Pyramids project, which studies the interior of the pyramid about what purpose the newly discovered space was created, is developing a research robot such as a robot that develops as a rod-shaped robot and becomes an airship.

You can check the image of the robot which investigates the space inside the newly discovered pyramid with the following movie.

Minimally invasive exploration for heritage buildings - YouTube

In the survey inside the pyramid, it is important not to damage buildings. Founded robot "that is developed by researchers at the French National Computer Science Applied Mathematics Institute is a rod-shaped robot.

With this robot, you can insert a robot inside the space simply by opening a hole 3.5 cm in diameter on the wall.

Folded robot itself is equipped with a camera, it is possible to shoot with the light illuminating the interior space.

And to Folded robot, it is supposed that we will install an airship type robot swollen by helium.

The airship type robot filled with helium can float in the space separating from the Folded robot.

It is a mechanism that allows you to move freely within space even if there are stairs and steps.

When the investigation is completed, the airship type robot is integrated again with Folded robot ......

We will deliver camera image data to researchers waiting outside.

According to Jean Baptisto Muret of the French National Computer Science Applied Mathematics Institute, the institute is working on designing a highly foldable structure that can be deployed efficiently in order to realize two kinds of robots. Although it is a small hole, in the plan, in order to hurt the pyramid, it seems that development of reliable equipment is required to persuade the Egyptian authorities managing the pyramid and to obtain permission for investigation.

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