The Pyramid was recorded in the diary of the scene director that it was built by the power of the Nile and large-scale civil engineering work

It is said that the pyramid existing in Egypt was made around 2,500 BC, how did you stack 3 million stones with about 2 tons per piece, how to build it There are still many mysteries. Meanwhile, the team conducting a survey in Egypt examined the documents describing the state of the construction at the time, found out that the stone used for the pyramid was taken from a distant stone place and placed on a ship, how the Nile river was used It is said that it was written that an artificial canal was built and carried near the pyramid.

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This record was written in a papyrus by a man named "Merrell" who had put together a team carrying the stone at the time of the construction of the pyramid, a port about 200 km away from Giza with a pyramid "Wadi It was discovered in Al Jerf ". In this record that the investigation team is "one of the oldest existing papyrus in the world", a stone is placed on a ship from Luxor, which is approximately 800 km away from the pyramid of Giza, carried on the flow of the Nile River to Giza downstream , Furthermore it is stated that it was transporting with a canal extended to near the pyramid construction point.

The megalithic transportation plan for the pyramid is magnificent, and by carrying out a large-scale civil engineering work and changing part of the flow of the Nile River, the transport ship can reach the immediate side of the pyramid under construction with megalithes on it It was said that it was. In the CG which reproduced the state at the time, a port was created on the side of the pyramid on the way of being made, and the scenery which the ship is going to draw is drawn.

Merrell's papyrus is well-known among people trying to unravel the mystery of the pyramid, and it has been deciphered and analyzed as valuable documents leaving records at the time. Apart from this papyrus, all the discoveries of the festival ship and the waterway trace found on the side of the Pyramid of Khufu and the evidence showing how to make the ship at that time are combined, giving the scientist an inspiration It seems to have become.

Remnants of a ship that was supposedly buried in the pyramid, for King Kufu to take command after riding. The survey team collected the debris with a 3D laser scanner and investigated the structure of the ship at that time.

The survey team actually reproduces the ship of the time and carries out a reproduction experiment carrying stones. According to a record showing the debris of the excavated ship and how to make a ship discovered in another place, a ship of about 8 meters in length does not use any nails, it is a rope roughly 5 km in length and all of the hull It seems that the method of joining the parts of the part was taken, and the team reproduces the way of making at that time as it is.

Construction is a series of difficulties, facing various problems such as water entering into the ship. However, it has been confirmed that it has enough strength to carry about 2 tons of megalithes.

A research team succeeded in transporting megaliths by that method. Confirm that stones can be brought to the side of the pyramid and processing can be done.

Piles of stones carried in this way were piled up, pyramids were made and went. Nonetheless, how to build about 2 tons of stone, the way is still a mystery. According to one theory, it is said that it produced a huge slope by the earth beside the pyramid and carried it with the power of many people, but what has become evidence has not been discovered yet.

It is thought that the pyramid made by such a large-scale civil engineering work became the foundation of the building technology which forms the city itself of Egypt, not just the construction project of the royal tomb.

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