A nightmare project plan devising how to squeeze money from game players using AI leaks

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Using artificial intelligence (AI), a proposal to intentionally alter the playing experience of online games and make users buy in-game items in large quantities is running out. In the proposal, it is described in detail about how to use AI from players to exploit money, and from overseas technology media and game forums, there is a voice saying "It looks like a nightmare" .

Leaked AI-powered Game Revenue Model Paper Foretells a Dystopian Nightmare | TechPowerUp

Data on a slide of a proposal that wrote a method to earn more money in online games using AI, and a picture of the thesis which is the argument are published on Imgur on the image upload site. Someone who uploaded the image is unknown, and only the individual name, brand name and product name written in the original slide or thesis are erased and it is uploaded.

In this slide, a method is proposed in which AI is used to analyze the socioeconomic status of each game player and allow the game to take "best profit strategy" for individual players. That way is to consistently tamper the player's game experience "away from the player's desired result" and accelerate waste in the game by causing unequal results.

The following three are cited as an idea for that.

· By utilizing AI, by combining "information outside the game or" real world "information" and "premium activity in the game generated by AI", it becomes possible to increase the income source of the game.

· A new revenue generation strategy to be offered to all customers, Bait-and-switch (Commercial law), AI generates "incentive advertisement" and "premium advertisement" in the game.

· Most importantly, AI will play the entire player's gaming experienceSocial engineeringIt is to prove that it is possible to tamper with individual players, change game play experiences of individual players using psychological operations, etc., or dramatically increase revenue.

In particular, "New revenue creation strategy" using two types of advertisements is explained with case examples, so it becomes easier to imagine what kind of things will be.

The following image is not suitable as an advertisement displayed on the game screen. Advertisements written like 'here click' which are often seen on the Internet are lining up.

The slide imagines the following ads. Orange or light blue icons arranged to blend into the game screen are advertisements, and when it sees closely it is mixed with those written as "Free" and those with numbers written. By clicking on these items, you can get items that will make the game more advantageous, but by displaying mixed free items, we are guiding the players to make it easier for them to charge paid items.

Also, mapping players' real houses and analyzing the socio-economic image of players is also proposed as a way to monetize. According to slides, PCs and mobile terminals can recognize one-dimensional points by emitting and receiving electromagnetic waves. Based on this point, it seems possible to create a two-dimensional map of surroundings emitting electromagnetic waves. In short, this is "a sliced ​​indoor map horizontally sliced ​​by measuring radiation scattering and reflection levels". Room mappingMarkov random fieldAnd Hammersley - Clifford 's theorem, Wi - Fi communication by PCs and mobile terminals etc is a point of electromagnetic waves and becomes a reference point when mapping a room of a user, for example, if a player is a smartphone By moving it, it will be inferred what kind of room exists in the size of the room and the destination.

The slide below is a map of the player room created from analyzing how the electromagnetic waves emitted from the smartphone diffuse.

This will ultimately turn into a 3D map like the one below.

Besides, when the player is frustrated or frustrated when playing the game, "the level of the enemy is high and loses", "the enemy was luckier than the player with repeated critical attacks" There are strategies to increase revenue by paying attention to "results not commensurate with investment time" and "aversion to loss" etc., and linking them with AI. When events like frustration of players like the examples cited above occurred, AI displays "level up item" or "critical attack incidence increase item" as a solution.

If MMORPG etc. adopting these strategies appeared in the near future, it is "It is like flight with a terrible nightmare," TechPowerUp writes.

This slide is also talked about in the game system forum, and users are asking "Read all this slide rather than looking at horror movies" or "Purchasing a future game or gaming PC basically means death "Are you doing the same thing to Google, Apple, Microsoft for years, have you done the same?", "Are you crazy?", "Everyone read this slide and you want to play the game "Game companies really do not want to sell games", and various opinions are spurting out.

[TPU] Leaked AI - powered Game Revenue Model Paper Foretells a Dystopian Nightmare - Overclock.net

In addition, paper materials are thought to have been dealt at the 40 presentation slides & presentations that the officials thought were leaked, are summarized on the following pages.

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