A valuable photo book of the era when you could climb the symbol "Pyramid" of the ancient Egyptian mystery

The huge monuments and pyramids created by the ancient Egyptian civilization are prohibited from climbing by law. However, there were no such laws at the time the pyramid investigation began, and many people were climbing a pyramid, which can be said as a symbol of a mystery of ancient Egypt with whimsical clothes that can not be considered now.

Early tourists clambered to the top of Egypt's pyramids in fancy dresses and suits

In the 4th century BC, Herodotus, a Greek historian, passed from the European to the Mediterranean Sea and was an ancient Egyptian building and the tallest pyramidThe Great Pyramid of GizaI visited Egypt to see. When Herodotus saw the Great pyramid of Giza, it is said that more than 2000 years have already passed since the completion of the pyramid, but what made buildings higher than this Great Gyraza pyramid (total height of 138.74 meters) It was after the 14 th century. In addition, it was the building that was higher than the Great Pyramid of GizaLincoln Cathedralis.

After that, it was an artificial canal connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea in 1869Suez CanalCompleted, many of the rich people of the time visited the pyramids of Egypt for sightseeing purposes. In the same year as the opening of the Suez Canal, it will be later known as "the ancestor of modern tourism"Thomas CookPlanning a tour around Palestine and the Nile, the following year we will start a tour of Egypt on a regular ship and we will produce Egypt as a sightseeing spot.

Furthermore, Archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922TutankamenBy discovering the tomb of Egypt, the popularity of Egypt in Europe will be further increased. Many tourists were satisfied to take a commemorative photo in front of the Sphinx and the pyramid, but some tourists climbed the pyramid and took some commemorative photo shoots and some tourists were not able to think of it at the present time when the summit was forbidden A lot of such pictures are left.

◆ Before opening the Suez Canal (~ 1869)
One piece taken in 1860. People in the area are helping one man climbing a pyramid. At the moment it is permitted to climb the pyramid in the case of ruins investigation purpose, and it is forbidden to pass a rope for safety to drive in Harken even then. Nonetheless, as seen in this picture, there seems to be no one who drives Harken even before it is prohibited by law.

The following pictures were taken in 1867, and there are 3 or 4 groups throughout the steps. If you look closely at the pictures, you can see that each group always has wealthy tourists wearing clothes, others are helping the tourists.

It was also taken in 1867. Two men who climbed to the top, the two who climbed up first, the one left behind is pushing the buttocks, but the upper one is sitting like "I have nothing to do with it" People's appearance.

◆ After opening the Suez Canal (1869 -)
The tourists and the local people climbing the pyramid shot in 1880. It seems that the number of tourists to climb further increases.

Pictures taken in 1882. Also in the lower right is the appearance of a woman who wore a long skirt which is as far as the ground.

Some people were satisfied just by commemorative photographing in front of the Sphinx and the pyramid.

Pictures taken in front of the pyramids in 1900. I do not think at all about wearing suits and dresses for sightseeing pyramids, but at that time people are surprised that everyone visits the pyramid like this in the ordinary way.

Pictures looking up from the pyramid shot in 1900 from the bottom × 2

Where a British gentleman who made a great beard was taking a break with the step of the pyramid. I can feel that the shoes are covered with sand and are really climbing the pyramid.

Local people who break at the top of Giza's Great Pyramid

A photographer at the time Luis Larsson captured photographs taken at the top of Giza's Great Pyramid.

Commemorative photograph taken from the top of the pyramid with a pyramid behind it

◆ After discovering the tomb of Tutankhamun (from 1922)
Pictures taken from the place where the Pyramid is a top place in 1925. How did the two women wearing the heel climb the pyramid ......?

With the British Crown PrinceDuke GloucesterIt is like climbing the pyramid together. Shot in 1930.

Also a picture taken in 1930. In the Great Pyramid of Giza, the base is 230.37 m and it seems to be good to line up side by side, but it seems that the corner is a climbing route.

Flying over the Great Pyramid of Giza "LZ 127(Graf-Zeppelin) "photographs of people in Egypt. Shooting in 1931.

A photograph of tourists who took a rest at tea time at the summit of Giza's Great Pyramid, taken in 1938. You can tell how much you were free.

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