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Billiards trick shot playerFlorian · Venom · KohlerThinks YouTuber who has published American sports moviesDude PerfectA collaboration with the movie that trick shooting supernatural train shot "Pool Trick Shots 2"Has been released.

Pool Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect - YouTube

When the movie starts, a hand is placed on the head, and a 5-man male who sandwiches orange something between the crotch is projected. These five people are Dude Perfect.

Then we hit a black ball with the cue.

The ball lifted up, directly hit an orange plate sandwiched between men's crotch.

I have successfully made this departure five times in a row.

Caller who is a trick shot player for billiards who showed off this supernatural work. In addition to the opening trick shots, we will show off various amazing shots.

Kohler who arranges black spheres on the table of billiards.

Next is the trick shot "3 TABLE BUTTERFLY CANNONBALL".

It is a shot made by arranging three billiard tables side by side.

Kohler's hands jumped over the first one ... ...

A huge hit on the edge of the second table. Then it climbs high on the third table ... ...

It falls cleanly to the center of six clean black spheres arranged clean.

And the black spheres entered into different pockets.

Next, hold the cue almost vertically ... ...

I aim at the ball in front of my pocket.

A handball that hit a cleanly black ball ... ...

It has an intense backspin and it returns to where Kohler was ... ...

I dropped the black ball that I put in front of my back pocket in my pocket.

Next, Kohler who holds a cue on the second floor for some reason.

Hitting a handball placed on the handrail toward the air ... ...

This hand ball fell in a straight line towards the billiard table pocket which was downstairs.

A hand ball released from the second floor ... ...

It is straight to the downstairs pocket.

Kohler who is preparing something.

Apparently it seems like a challenge to trick shot with one of the members of Dude Perfect.

Both players take a shot at the same time, the balls roll apart ... ...

All the red and black balls fell in the pocket, leaving the hand ball.

Looking from another angle, it looks like this.

Immediately after the shot.

It seems as if all the balls are being sucked into the pocket.

The next show will be the "TABLE JUMPER THROUGH THE MOVING RING" trick shot. It is a technique of dropping a ball on another table into a pocket through a moving ring like a letter read.

Ring started moving immediately.

Kohla's handball is ......

It passed brilliantly through the ring and hit the ball of the next table directly.

And the ball falls into your pocket.

From another angle, you can see that the handball is passing through the ring firmly.

Next, we showed a trick shot called "UPPER DECKER HOLE IN ONE". It is a "?" Trick shot that "balls hit from the second floor will be hall-in-one", only with letters.

Kohler who shoots a jump shot at the billiard table placed on the second floor.

The ball hit the edge of the platform and bounced back ... ...

Kohler uses his cue to hit the ball again in the air.

A handball falling downstairs as it is.

And somehow it fell into the prepared green and it was sucked into the hole above the green.

Three arranged black spheres.

I will hit this with 3 queues at the same time.

Is it exquisitely spinning or why three balls are all sucked into the same pocket. At the same time the appearance of the balls entering the same pocket with different trajectories is not flashy, but as if looking at magic.

Then Kohler who makes an obstacle with a yellow ball.

Then board the cart ...

While running I shoot a hand ball on the table.

The ball hits the black ball over the yellow ball.

Black balls fall naturally into their pockets.

Looking at another angle this way.

Next, members of Dude Perfect will show off a trick shot using "BOW & ARROW BLASTER" bow and arrow.

Hold a bow and arrow ...

I will release it. Flying towards the ball in a straight line ... ...

The ball falls into a splendid pocket.

Kohler who arranges black and red balls.

Shot jump shot skipping the queue. Of course all the balls will be sucked into the pocket.

Then a mysterious panda appears and will show off the trick shot "THE SAUCY PANDA SHOT".

I do not use cues, Ice hockey sticks and packs.

On the other table are handballs and black spheres as shown below.

Stick the trembler and skip the pack ... ...

Hit the stunning hand ball.

Next is a jump shot from the second floor.

The ball falls to the trampoline downstairs ... ...

Bouncing on two sets ... ...

A stunning goal for a basketball goal set in the back.

At the end, we showed a sharp trick shot called "TY TRUST SHOT".

A member of Dude Perfect is smiling with a candle glass cup on his head.

A trick is like this.

A hand ball released by Kohler hits the edge of the platform ... ...

I shot again in the queue where I bounced back.

This further bounces back at the backstop trampoline ... ...

The members of Dude Perfect will fly to the stand where they wait.

And the ball falls to the edge of the table ... ...

The bounced hand ball directly hit a glass of candy glass.

There is no choice but to laugh at the truth work.

Looking at the moment when the ball hits directly to the cup at another angle is like this. Mr. Kohler who succeeded Miracle shot which can not possibly combine multiple supernatural works was a movie that kept leaping out.

In addition, two years ago, Kohler and Dude Perfect collaborated and released a trick shot movie.

Pool Trick Shots | Dude Perfect - YouTube

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