Sleep tracks and brings you at the best timing & Sophisticated alarm clock that warns you of falling asleep during the day "Sleepman"

In a busy modern society, there are many people who have experiences such as "sleeping time is short due to daily living and sleepiness is hit by drowsiness in the morning and hinders work and life". Even though it is an alarm clock that I set myself, it often happens that I feel angry that "when I ring, it's ringing at such a time!" Watch type alarm clock "SleepmanIn order to adequately support sleep of such modern people, it tracks sleep rhythm and degree of arousal, sends electric signals to the nerve at the most awake timing, and provides a clean awakening. In addition, "Sleepman" is a wristwatch type so you can continue wearing it during the day, there is also a function that warns you that you are about to fall asleep.

Sleepman - Are you tired of being tired?

You can see what kind of alarm clock is "Sleepman" by watching the following movie.

Sleepman: the sleep enhancer & amp; energy booster! | Kickstarter Technology

Everyone who is still awake in a sleepy morning is disgusting.

Although it is not bad for the alarm clock, I can not help striking the frustration.

Lack of sleep and daytime sleepiness is an enemy that can not be avoided for us living in the 21st century.

Due to the lack of sleep we make mistakes, become depressed and have health problems.

If you can sleep more tightly, job mistakes will be reduced, physical condition can be kept perfect, our life will improve.

"Sleepman" is a device for solving sleep deprivation jointly developed by scientists and engineers who are conducting research on sleep.

"Sleepman" is a shape similar to a watch.

Wrap the band around your wrist with magnetic force and touch the optional electric signaling pad to the palm of your hand.

When it is time to set the alarm clock, I will send an electric signal that is said to be scientifically effective to the nervous system from the pad.

Human beings can not capture the electrical signals in the sense, but to reach firmly electrical signal to the brain, in a state in which the completely refreshed when I woke up, you can start the day in the best condition .

"Sleepman" is firmly supported while sleeping.

Always track sleeping status in conjunction with smartphones and wake up users at the most awakening timing of the time of setting the alarm clock.

It happens at the most awakening moment, so it is possible to minimize discomfort of getting up.

"Sleepman" keeps activity information tracked during the day and accumulates it so as to provide more comfortable sleep.

I feel tired and lack concentration during the day because I am sleepy due to lack of sleep. This can be improved significantly by taking a nap of about 15 minutes, but "Sleepman" also has a nap-only mode, so support the nap for recovery and bring it up at the proper timing I will.

The usual alarm clock is only raised at a fixed time, but the sleep rhythm is totally different for each person. Sleeping rhythms that are appropriate for someone may not be suitable for someone else.

"Sleepman" is characterized by being able to provide the most suitable sleeping support for individual users by tracking the user's sleeping state and by self-learning.

The more you use it, the more biological rhythm you accumulate, the better you can provide the sleeping rhythm.

"Sleepman" can be attached easily with a strap.

Lack of sleeping occasionally causes a serious accident ......

"Sleepman" learns the user's life rhythm and warns you when you go to sleep at the time you should not sleep.

"Sleepman" makes sleep more comfortable and turns the lives of people around the world into wonderful things.

"Sleepman" also has a display option that can be attached to the outside of the main unit, which makes it easy to check the information collected by "Sleepman". Even without installing this display, there is no hindrance to the operation of the "Sleepman" main unit, it is also possible to check the information with the application of the smartphone.

"Sleepman" gives a warning when the user loses his concentration ability or inadvertently falls asleep.

The warned user can regain concentration and motivation with 15 minutes of sleep.

The "Sleepman" project is now looking for investment at Kickstarter of the cloud funding site. As a target amount of 20,000 dollars (about 2.2 million yen) was listed, more than 140,000 dollars (about 15 million yen) have already gathered at the time of article creation. In the "Sleepman" project, you can purchase one "Sleepman" body, one black and white two-color bracelet, and an optional electric signal transmission pad, with a contribution of $ 139 (about 15,000 yen). One investment of 187 dollars (about 20,000 yen), one "Sleepman" and one black and white two-color bracelet, one optional display and electric signal transmission pad, one black or white exclusive leather bracelet , Further portable bags are available. "Sleepman" is a shipping fee of $ 19 (about 2100 yen) for every reward and the shipping schedule is June 2018.

The deadline for investing in "Sleepman" is Japan time, 13:59 on February 2, 2018 (Friday).

Sleepman: sleep enhancer, energy booster & doze-off alert! By Avantechs Inc - Kickstarter

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