I bought Seiko's radio alarm clock "KR 317 W"

Shy embarrassing often I am late for work at the company, I accomplished a fruit of five times a month, "I will buy you this so please write an article with this. WithSeiko's radio alarm clock "KR 317 W"I was bought, so I will try using it.

I wish I could wake up. What is Seiko's radio alarm clock "KR 317 W"?

Exceptional usability of analog radio wave clock - Seiko Clock Co., Ltd.

The main functions are as follows.

◇ Radio correction function "Twin · Pa"

The radio clock is a clock that receives the standard time signal with time information and corrects the display time automatically. Standard radio waves are managed and operated as Japan Standard Time based on the Ultra High Accuracy "atomic clock" which is said to be an error of 1 second in about 100,000 years by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, an independent administrative agency, and the Fukushima Bureau (40 kHz) and the Kyushu Bureau (60 kHz) throughout the country.

◇ Automatic second hand stop function with light sensor (good night hand)

By the function of the optical sensor, when the darkness becomes lower than a certain level, the second hand automatically stops and the cotecoach sound is not worrisome. In addition, there is also the effect that the noise is lost, the reception sensitivity increases, the battery lasts longer, and so on.

◇ Battery exhaust notice function

When the remaining battery level becomes small, the second hand stops at the 12 o'clock position even in bright areas and informs you when to replace the battery.

It is incredible to tell us in advance that the time will be adjusted automatically, the sound of the second hand moving does not matter, and the battery will run out. If it does not get up with this, it may not be useless.

Then let's look quickly.

Look like this box

The inside is for the instruction manual, the battery and the main body only. It is very simple.

Analog type board face. There is a sensor at the bottom left of the board surface, and the second hand stops when it gets dark.

The back side. As a part of Seiko's kind design, the back cover of the battery can not be taken off and there is no worry to lose it.

Press the reset button to start setting the time.

Then the hand of the clock starts moving automatically, and it stops at 1:50. Apparently it seems to be receiving radio waves. When a certain period of time has elapsed, the needle advances automatically and the time adjustment is completed.

We set the time of the alarm clock with the dial on the bottom right of the board surface.

Turn the dial to advance the set time in increments of 5 minutes. If you do not set it properly there is no more.

Use this switch on the right side to set the setting ON and OFF. Snooze function works even if you press the switch at the top of the clock, and will ring after 5 minutes. But I have to wake up for the first time ... I feel bad.

When you press the "monitor" button on the back, it will ring.

Adjust the volume of the alarm sound with the knob located at the bottom of the board. Of course at maximum.

I actually tried to ring.

Until now I have used a portable alarm instead of the alarm clock for the first time and I tried using an alarm clock for the first time in a while, but is there any pressure on the fact that there is an alarm clock in the room, after all, before the clock rings I got to wake up. Thanks to you I have not used it once. Just putting it is effective?

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