"Cover Clamp" putting an end to the battle without honor which pulls the futon

If you share a single bed with two people and you are asleep, the other one may feel cold when either one pulls on the futon. As a means of peaceful resolution of conflicts over quilts, it is also noteworthy that a fight has broken out thereCover Clamp"Was developed.

Cover Clamp - Prevents Your Bed Covers From Being Stolen

You can see how Cover Clamp is useful to you in one shot by watching the following movie.

Cover Clamp - Stealing Covers / Blankets At Night? SOLVED! - YouTube

While sleeping by two people in bed, one pulled a futon a little ......

The other is to feel cold.

"Cover Clamp" put an end to the futon fight like the one above

The handle part of Cover Clamp looks like this. The tip is a clip.

A mechanism that the clip opens when the handle is tightly held.

First, put the grip pad under the mattress. As a person sleeps on the mattress, Cover Clamp is firmly fixed to the bed by the weight of the person.

Put the comforter in the clip ......

Pull the belt and adjust the length.

Or you can attach Cover Clamp to bed frame.

When lifting the quilt after installing the Cover Clamp, it is not necessary to remove the pad or loosen the belt ... ....

It is removable with one touch.

Even if you pull hard all the time, the quilt will not come off.

When it is said that the problem was not solved even if using Cover Clamp, it is 100% refundable.

So that is Cover Clamp. The handle and the pad are connected by a belt.

It is like this when disassembling each.

The buckle part is as follows. It is a type that can be attached and detached by applying force from the left and right.

Although Cover Clamp is $ 24.9 (about 2700 yen), in the case of shipping to Japan, a separate shipping fee of $ 24 (approx. 2600 yen) is required.

Cover Clamp

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