IQ is too high Leaders turned out to be low valued by the survey, the IQ borderline to be disappointed?


It is said that the height of IQ (intelligence exponent) is generally easy to lead "success", but in recent years "Children who are better motivated than children with high IQs are more likely to succeed in their lives"In addition to research results and cognitive abilities,"Critical thinkingIt is also reported that importance becomes important. Especially the leader who leads the group, "High performance as an individual"Another abilityAlthough it is said that it is said to be necessary, a new study showed that "IQ will go down a certain line, the evaluation of the leader from the surrounding will be low".

Can super smart leaders suffer from too much a good thing? The curvilinear effect of intelligence on perceived leadership behavior.

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This is in the studies conducted so far, but there is also a thing to conclude that the "Group constituted by the excellent leader, recording a better performance when viewed from the objective criteria," while at the University of California at Davis School of psychologist Dean Simonton, who has been doing business for decades, said, "The words of a brain-reader pass through people's heads, their solutions are too complicated to carry out, those under the leaders It is difficult to associate with yourself, "I insisted. Such a new study by Mr. SimontonJournal of Applied PsychologyIt is announced in.

Simonton et al. Research team conducted a survey of 379 male and female business leaders in 30 countries around the world. At this time, the people surveyed were male and female active in various fields including banking, retailing, technology.

In the survey, we first asked the subjects to take an IQ test, after which each person received an evaluation of their leadership style and efficacy from an average of eight workplace colleagues. Then, although IQ was indeed related to characteristics such as leader's effectiveness, strategy formation, vision, the relationship was recognized to a certain line. Evaluation peaks at IQ 120, and above that, the evaluation will be lower.

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Researchers said, "There is a difference in height depending on whether the technical skills are evaluated in the field or social skills are evaluated in the ideal IQ."

Mr. Paul Sacket, a business professor at the University of Minnesota who is not participating in the research, is "very interesting" about this research "For me it is, but the correct interpretation of this research result is" It is an understanding that what high leaders do is judged to be low by the workplace associates is not to say "Do not hire a high leader of IQ", he said.

Professor John Antonakis of Lausanne University in Switzerland who cooperated with Mr. Simonton said, "Like President Barack Obama, the leader needs to know its intelligence to create a creative metaphor to persuade people around him We should use it, "I assert," I think that it is the only way for wise people to properly show their intelligence and still speak in a charismatic way in order to have a connection. " I will.

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