I went to eat curry Chinese curry, a specialty menu of Kyoto's well-known cafeteria 'Kyoichi head office'

A long-established dining hall in Kyoto, which is loved by local residents and salaried workers in Shijyo Omiya, Kyoto for many years,Keiichi head office"is. Popular menu at Kyoto head office that mainly offers ramen and bowls is "Curry Chinese"is. I tried going to eat actually what kind of menu it is with curry Chinese food.

Chinese noodle · ramen Kyoto city 【Kyoto head office】 old-fashioned old-fashioned taste

Kyoto head office is on foot from Omiya station on Hankyu Kyoto Line. address"Kibo-fu, Kyoto-shi Kamifuku-ku Mibou Boshiro-machi 1"

In Shijo OmiyaThe 1st shop of the dumplings king generalThere is Kyoichi head office on the first floor of the building next to it.

In front of the building there was a handwritten signboard, and curry Chinese food was recommended.

In the showcase on the left side of the entrance of the shop, samples of ramen and bowls were lined with narrows, but there are no figures of curry Chinese food and the identity is yet to be understood.

Atmosphere that the inside of the shop is ordinary meal shop. On the wall was written a powerfully written draft with a brush.

When I arrived, tea was brought in a cup with a logo of "Kyoichi". On the cover page of the menu was written "Kyoto Ideal Menu".

When I open the menu it looks something like this. Sweets and shaved ice are prepared besides noodles and bowls.

"Curry Chinese" (680 yen including tax) came out after ordering for about 5 minutes. Nami nami curry is poured so much that it is overflowing from the ramen bowl. Because we slowly and carefully brought the clerk so that it will not spill, we also have a little bit of sorrow. Also astragalus and dish were carried together.

The curry that spreads to the edge of the bowl is overwhelming, if you align it with the iPhone X of long side 143.6 mm you can see its vastness well.

I will immediately sip a curry with a squeezed astragalus. It looks like an ordinary curry, but when you try to eat it unexpectedly, the gentle sweetness spreads first, and then the spiciness came. The basis of the thick curry soup is the sticking soup taken with pig bones and chicken sticks, and there is a firm feeling.

If you scoop out the bowl with chopsticks, Chinese noodles sunk in the curry will be lifted. Chinese noodles straight and medium in size are boiled slightly softerly and often cooked with curry with mackerel. It is also one of the Kyo vegetablesKujo OnegiThe tossing was also a step of the knife.

In the curry, beef stewed cooked beef, like Kansai region of beef culture. The authentic sweetness in curry soup is simmered with this beef and when swished it is full of sweetness and beef taste.

Besides, there was a thinly cut fishbread in the appliance. When I was eating curry Chinese food, it was just lunchtime and the number of customers who come to eat lunch has increased. Shijo Omiya in KyotoKeifuku Electric RailwayIt is an office town with its headquarters and banks lined up, there are many salaried workers hanging employee ID cards, many voices calling for curry Chinese food are heard many times, it seems that popularity of curry Chinese food is popular.

This is Anmishi (550 yen including tax) ordered after meals. Fruits such as peach and pineapple and oranges, colorless and green agar, red cherries, white balls and grain sauce were included.

The sweetness of the syrup and grain of mandarin or peach cans is gentle and gentle, I remember somewhere nostalgic. The white beans are rich and the agar chewy is firm.

When we actually eat curry Chinese, it is a nice taste to remember nostalgia but volume is also perfect, quite ants. It was a single item of conviction that it became a popular menu loved by locals as well. When asked the shopkeeper about how long this shop is, Kyoichi head office which was said to be "founded 70 years", business hours are from 11 o'clock to 21:30, the regular holiday is Thursday .

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