It does not matter whether charisma is "disliked by people" or not, what is necessary to become a charismatic with huge influence?

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Be attractiveAnd being a charisma will show different influences in the workplace. Like Steve JobsIt has charisma and it affects people although being hated violently by peopleIt is possible. Then, what is important to acquire charisma? That is being summarized by the BBC.

BBC - Capital - The art and science of being charismatic

In past studies, people who are regarded as charisma know that by combining expressiveness and body language, using metaphor and anecdotes, we succeed in communicating the message that we want to convey while expressing our confidence by emotion. Meanwhile, an attractive person takes an eye contact with each person, shows a smile, makes the other party talk about the other party, and creates a state of "empathy" by asking personal questions. As you can see, the characteristic of a charismatic person is that "it is not necessary to communicate directly with the other person." Therefore charisma can affect people even if they are far away, while charming people are popular, charisma does not need to be popular.

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"The Charisma Myth"Olivia Fox Cabane, author of the book," Steve Jobs "is taken as an example and shows that" you can show amazing charisma even if you dislike some employees ". Mr. Cabane also talked about charisma about charisma with unfamiliar "star power" like Marilyn Monroe, "charismatic" charisma that attracts people's attention and talks, and gives learn to people like the Pope Dalai Lama There is more than one kind of charisma, such as charisma.

Professor John Antonakis of Lausanne University went(PDF file)Research in 2015Then, when you look at the speech of a charismatic person, it is reported that the amount donated by irregular workers will increase by 17% compared to seeing regular movies that encourage fundraising. What is important here is "charismatic behavior", and if you acquire charismatic behavior, people can collect more money to the company and you can increase the number of viewers even in movies such as TED . According to Prof. Antonakis, charisma not only influences human preference and choice, but also can gather more aggressive "cooperation".

Also, why charismatic people are more likely to cooperate,In the research of 2016"It was revealed that charismatic people willingly help colleagues, show their concern about the future of the team, and show commitment beyond contractual obligations to the company." On the other hand, professor Bjorn Michaelis of Kuhne Logistics University in Germany tells that charismatic persons have the ability to take "personal integrity" in their organizations and thereby create "nobility" and "to create new ideas" It is said to indicate. It is this behavior that Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is working with a salary of $ 1 a year.

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So charisma is a congenital thing, can not you learn? That is not the case.(PDF file)Study published in 2011Then Prof. Antonakis exercised training called corporate management and MBA students in Germany called "charisma leader strategy". In this charismatic leader strategy, by learning nine linguistic approaches such as metaphor, anecdotes, and antonymous doubts, the speaker shows a moral belief, shares feelings with the targeted listener, and the listener talks to the speaker I will have great expectations. In fact, managers who acquired the charismatic leader strategy had higher reliability than rivals, and he was able to influence others. Also, it seems that MBA students are also able to speak with higher charismatic evaluation by taking charismatic leader strategy.

As one of the speakers with charismatic qualities as described above, the 71st Prime Minister of the UKMargaret Thatcher.

For example, in Thatcher's speech "the Lady's not for turning" in 1980, the talks contained in the "Charisma Leader Strategy" were abundantly used, such as metaphors, antonymous doubts, anecdotes, contrasts, lists, reference to big targets It is.

Margaret Thatcher 'the Lady's not for turning' - YouTube

Of course, not only how to use words but also body language, expressions, voice tones etc are elements that show the feelings of the speaker, so that they can tell you what to tell by matching with the message. "What you need to tell is the proper emotion that represents your words, as people look like a trustworthy person, people trust you," Professor Antonakis said.

Meanwhile, this kind of thing is not done, Hillary · Clinton does not look charismatic. Professor Antonakis said, "Hillary is a little cold compared to her husband Bill Clinton, the traditional image and warmth that has been transmitted from the building are not transmitted," Hillary's gesture, expression, voice I point out that Tone gives the opponent the impression of "scripting street" and emotionally strengthening the message.

According to Mr. Cabane, although there are various kinds of charisma, "authoritative charisma" is useful when "to follow people's orders" such as "When to evacuate people from a burning place" . Because it is necessary to improve self-esteem in order to acquire authoritative charisma, Mr. Cabane often sends clients to martial arts class. "Standing like a big gorilla that drives a rival out of the territory, it works really well," Cabane said.

In addition, Mr. Cabane explains Steve Jobs as "fantastic charisma". "Looking at his first presentation that took place in 1984, you set Jobs"NardYou think that it is. He depends on the product itself, neither has presence nor power. "But in the 2000s, Jobs gradually acquires charismatic elements, he first shows its presence, looks at the audience, concentrates more on the audience than on the product, then , He will learn about 'power', start making the stage, and will be impressed by voice, "Cabane said.

And also that people often get charismatic by "death"It is shown in the research of 2016. In this study, the subject read the story about the researcher who made the vaccine of a certain bacterium, but when he emphasized the part "Researchers died due to the bacteria underlying the vaccine" He said he evaluated researchers more "charismatic". However, of course, this is not a recommended method, so it is more realistic to acquire charisma with words usage, gestures, and facial expressions.

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