Bit coins etc Investing in virtual currency Animation that satirizes overheating of the market is on sale

The market price of bit coin which is virtual currency skyrocketed to more than 2 million yen at 1 BTC in the middle of December 2017, but because it was reported that it is in the trend of regulation strengthening in various countries around the world, about 1 month It dropped to nearly half by 1 million yen. On the other hand, there are many criticisms on investment in virtual currency, and many "cartoon" and animation are releasedCounter Think"soMike Adams'S following animations are drawing to rise up the virtual currency soaring and people investing in it.

Sh * tcoin and Buttcoin - YouTube

Two people who made a new virtual currency. The left man is Butt (cob) coin, the right man is badly named Shit (poop) coin. Both of them own 1 million copies by themselves.

When the man on the left asked me to buy a coin, "I will buy your Buttcoin for one dollar (about 110 yen), then you can buy my Shitcoin one dollar I'm going to buy it in, "the man on the right agrees.

I immediately took the money. You need $ 1 million (about 110 million yen) to purchase Shitcoin, but since the $ 1 million you paid is also used for buying Buttcoin, you do not really need to prepare a lot of money.

"This means Shitcoin has market capitalization of $ 1 million!"

"We are rich!" The two people are pleased.

The two will do the same deal as what we did now, with a condition of 100 dollars (about 11000 yen) per coin.

"We are richer in this!"

"Well then, if you sell one million Buttcoin for 1000 dollars (about 110,000 yen) and you buy one million Shitcoin for your money ..."

"We are millionaires!"

While "We pond Teru! Us is rich!" Commotion and, two people dream and the red carpet, beautiful Chihuahua, also stereotypes too "image of the rich".

"Well, I guess the bubble will start to fade, is not it?" The man on the left, who calmed down a little bit, will get caught ... ...

"Bubbles happen when everyone stops buying coins, are you stopping buying my Shitcoin?" Asked the right man.

"As long as you buy me Buttcoin, I will buy your Shitcoin."

"Well then we keep buying, and then we will find several people to buy else."

"You are a super genius!" The man on the left praises.

"My father is obsolete and stupid when I think about it, I was buying gold (Gold)!" It also ends with the fact that money was also used as an investment target.

The interaction between the two people in this animation is a perfect gag, but in reality behind the sharp rise in the bit coin price of 2013, there were illegal transactions by several people at the exchange Mt. Gox Sexuality has also been pointed out and it has already been posted in GIGAZINE.

Researchers pointed out that the soaring price of bit coins may have been price manipulation by several people - GIGAZINE

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