If the identity of the mysterious bit coin birth parent "Satoshi · Nakamoto" is finally known, an Australian male admits himself as a Bitcoin inventor

Australian entrepreneur Craig Steven Wright (Mr. Craig Steven Wright) who actually invented the virtual currency "Bitcoin (bit coin)" that has only the name "Satoshi · Nakamoto" and is enveloped for a long time in the mystery On May 2, 2016, BBC and Economist magazine, GQ magazine announced himself as the author of Bitcoin.

Craig Wright revealed as Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto - BBC News

Craig Steven Wright claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto. Is he? | The Economist

According to BBC's report, Mr. Wright made a demonstration to digitally sign the message using the encryption key created at the earliest stage of Bitcoin development. This cryptographic key is said to be strongly related to the bit coin which Satoshi Nakamoto creates or is said to be "mining (excavation)", and it is said that Mr. Wright has just the information of "Only you should know him" information It is showing the possibility.

About this, Mr. Wright says, "This block chain was used in the world's first Bitcoin deal that sent 10 bit coins to Mr. Hull Finley in January 2009." Mr. Finley is a prominent figure in cryptographic technology and a person who played a major role in shaping Wright's idea as Bitcoin.

Immediately after Mr. Wright 's announcement, Gavin Andersen, chief scientist of the Bitcoin Foundation, says, "I think Mr. Craig Wright is the inventor of Bitcoin"Publish blogdoing. Also, John Matnis, an economist who is one of the founding members of the Bitcoin Foundation, is also grasping the situation enough to believe that "Mr. Wright is the inventor of Bitcoin". In the confirmation work done in London, Mr. Matnice thought that "Mr. Wright is a person satisfying three categories" as a result of reviewing the data from the three viewpoints of "cryptography," "sociality" and "technicality" It seems that it has arrived.

In the BBC source article above, you can see how Mr. Wright is answering the interview. Among them, Mr. Wright himself was the central figure of Bitcoin's inventor, but as to why he finished Bitcoin with much cooperation and why he did not give in for a long time, "I wanted to keep it secret. I have the right to choose not to publish it. "

In addition, it is said that Mr. Wright properly pays taxes as a company against the question that it is subject to tax investigation from the Australian authorities, and authorities say that there is no knowledge of Bitcoin. And in the question "Why did you decide to accept Satoshi · Nakamoto?", "I did not mean to admit, the surrounding situation made it so that I, my family, friends , Employees of the company are facing difficulties. "If they did not want to publish themselves, they responded with a severe expression. Furthermore, "I have only one opportunity to answer like this," he says in the future I do not intend to respond to the interview.

In other words, it was an interview that made me feel that I had no choice but to admit that I am Satoshi Nakamoto from the surrounding situation. Evident enough to believe that Mr. Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto himself, Economist magazine said "Still doubts remain", even if the situation is complete, "real Bitcoin inventor" It points out that it does not conclusively support something.

Mr. Wright entered a new blog entry containing an impressive passage like "Satoshi is dead, but this is just the beginning (Satoshi is dead. But this is only beginning.)" On the same day May 2 I post it.

Dr. Craig Wright Blog - Creating a forum about Bitcoin to dispel the myths and unleash its potential.

The observation that Mr. Wright is Satoshi · Nakamoto is already widespread as of December 2015, and there are numerous circumstantial evidences listed at this time.

Finally, if the creator of bit coin turns out, the proof that Satoshi · Nakamoto's favorite person is an Australian man emerged - GIGAZINE

Also, according to this one case, Mr. Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto who was named in the past is likely to be irrelevant as a result. Mr. Dorian Nakamoto was filing suit against newsweek and other interviews.

Dorian · Nakamoto named "Bitcoin's Nakamoto Satoshi" is recruiting the expenses of the counter-mass litigation online - GIGAZINE

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