Smart mirror "Touchscreen Smart Mirror" which enables you to enjoy music and videos with touch screen on the bathroom mirror and operate the application

It is unexpectedly long that some of the time heading to the mirror in the bathroom, such as before going to work or between the dryers warming up the bath, you should feel some boredom. It is possible to enjoy music and videos, operate various applications, make a mirror of such a bathroom touch screen,Touchscreen Smart Mirror"is.

Touchscreen Smart Mirror - YouTube

This is Touchscreen Smart Mirror. It is the developer's reflection in the mirrorRyan NelwanI am considering commercialization of Touchscreen Smart Mirror. In order to get opinions, Touchscreen Smart Mirror is being operated on a video and released on YouTube.

First, when you touch the icon of the music player on the bottom left, music was played from the mirror.

An icon appears when you touch the mirror with two fingers. You can adjust the volume as you go up and down.

Then touch the lower icon

The list of installed applications is displayed. Apple's "Photos" application is also displayed, but the UI is different from iOS and OS X.

Touch the search icon in the upper left

A keyboard appeared.

If you type "ph" as a trial, the displayed application has been narrowed down to "Photos" only.

Looking at reddit like this. Threads are displayed and you can scroll to read the contents. Because Mr. Nelwan's figure is also reflected in the mirror, it seems to be safe to prepare.

It is also possible to display movies on YouTube.

Touch the volume with two fingers as well as music and move it up and down OK.

You can move the movie or application window to the desired position by long-pressing and sliding.

If you frame-out as it is, the window closed.

In addition, the Nest application which operates the air conditioner in the room is also installed. If you turn two fingers to the left or right to turn the knob, you can raise and lower the temperature of the air conditioner.

It is also possible to call a taxi from the Uber application while preparing for going out. "I'm actually asking for drivers from John here," says Nelwan.

As it is a demonstration, tap "Cancel Request" and finish. Nelwan isPost this movie on redditAlthough it is recruiting opinions, the most reply was "comment that John is sorry .... Why is he being called and why he was still wondering why he was canceled?", But inside There was an opinion that "If you put out a project to Kickstarter, I will definitely make a contribution."

Also, Nelwan's Twitter has tweeted short movies that reflected the operation of Touchscreen Smart Mirror up close.

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