I have eaten Lotteria's Japanese style VS shrimp confrontation "shrimp bamboo shrimp shrimp shrimp" and "Ebi chillin sand"

From January 18, 2018 (Thursday), in Lotteria, as Japanese-style VS Chinese "shrimp showdown", "Shrimp burger of plum of Kishu"When"Ebi ChillinansandTwo shrimp burgers have appeared. There are almost no opportunities to taste Japanese-style burger and Chinese burgers, and since it is a matter of confrontation menu, I went to eat.

- Pre-sale in some areas from Friday, January 5 - Which school are you? Japanese style vibe Chinese "shrimp showdown"! ! ~ "Shrimp Burger from Kishu", "Ebi Chilli Nand Sand" released nationwide from January 18, 2018 (Thursday)! | Campaign | Lotteria

Arrived at Lotteria.

I also appeal Japanese-style vs China confrontation even at shop front.

We ordered "shrimp burgers of Kishu" and "Ebi chillin sand". The wrapping paper of "Shrimp plum shrimp plum shrimp shrimp shrimp shrimp" and "Ebi chili nand sandwich" arrived at hand is a different color design. "Shrimp burger of Kishu plum" is red and is written as "Japanese style ume shrimp", while "Ebi chillin sandwich" to the other is yellow and "Evil china Chinese" is written.

Taking out the shrimp burger of Kishu from the packaging, it is impressive that the buns are lying on the shrimp like the crown.

Taking the upper buns, there is a tartar sauce under the finely chopped Kishu plum with cabbage underneath.

Below that there are also large leaves.

When eating, appetite was aroused by the shrimp 's pretested texture, tartar sauce, plus a refreshing scent of leaves and plums, and it was eaten steadily, and it flew away in no time.

Next, I will take out "Ebi chillin sand". The chilli sauce prawn patty is sandwiched between the nang ... ...

Turning over Nan, a chilli sauce is plenty and there is lettuce under Ebi Pasi.

When I brought it to the mouth, I got a bit of tan spicy stimulant with a rich taste of chili sauce that used rice wine as a hidden taste and shrimp preprint texture and Shaoxing sake etc, so we are eating more and more Yes. In addition, there is texture of Nan's mochi and Lettuce shakijaki, you can enjoy a change in texture.

"Shrimp Burger Shrimp Burger of Kishu" and "Ebi Chilli Nand Sand" are 420 yen including tax, and it is on sale for a limited period from January 18 (Thursday) 2018 to the end of February 2018.

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