Plan to simulate cases of gun shooting incident using VR game

In 2017Las Vegas Strike Shooting Shooting IncidentOr in 2016Florida gun shooting incidentAs in the United States every year, gun shooting incidents are occurring. In 2012Sandy Hook primary school gun shooting incidentThere are as many as 26 dead, and if the school becomes a target of a shooting incident, it is possible that many victims will be issued. So, in the United States, training is planned for teachers who use VR games, assuming that a shooting incident occurs in the school. Overseas MediaGizmodoI will explain the features of the VR game clearly.

Game Trains Schools for Mass Shooting Response - YouTube

When an emergency occurs, it is evident which one of the trained person or the non-trained person can deal with the damage to the minimum. This VR game can get feedback by playing many times what actions taken and what was not good.

With the US militaryUnited States Department of Homeland SecurityHowever, I developed this VR game based on the actual incident.

About a quarter of the gun shooting incident happens at school, so this game is designed assuming that the school is the scene of the shooting incident.

For example, when a criminal is in the hallway, "Choose whether to open the classroom door" or "to lock" ...

Send instructions to children hiding in the classroom, "Arrange along the walls in the corridor!" ...

Also, as a criminal, you can take actions on how to increase the number of victims, and by knowing the criminal's perspective, you can think about how you can reduce the damage if you act at the time of the incident I will.

This game reproduces the contents of "Sandy Hook primary school gun shooting incident". When teachers came to work, they should not have dreamed of bullets flying into their own workplaces. However, in reality it is realized that when an incident occurs, in order to stop the damage to a minimum, understand through what simulation what choices are available and which action leads to good results is needed.

According to officials of the Department of Homeland Security, the VR game is scheduled to be released by spring 2018.

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