A movie of "slip car" that exquisitely avoids a major accident with the transcendent behavior similar to the Hollywood movie

Although it seemed to cause catastrophes involving many cars by slipping on the highway at the time of returning home rush, she recorded a slip car that passed through the car exquisitely by the transcendent behavior similar to Hollywood movie and escaped a major accident The movie is released.

YouTube channel of the person who witnessed the slip cariftach22The recording of the drive recorder introduced in the following movie.

Car spins out of control. You will not believe how it ends - YouTube

According to the author of the movie, I witnessed the United States Florida interstate freewayLine 95It is an event that is in the middle of running.

I think that the recording time is in the evening at 17:39, so it is during the rush home. The image of the drive recorder sees that a silver passenger car in the middle of the front gradually moves towards the right lane.

Then the white following car goes straight from behind and it is likely to collide and I step on the brake.

The white following car will move to the second lane on the right to clear the silver passenger car. The silver passenger car suddenly switches the direction to the left as I noticed the rear white following car.

The silver passenger car cut off the steering wheel to the left, invaded the fifth lane next to the left from the fourth lane where the momentum was left. Here the black following car in the fifth lane on the left senses the danger with the front silver car and slows down on the brake. On the other hand, the white following car cuts the steering to the right this time to return to the original lane.

The silver passenger car cut off the steering wheel too far to the right, so it will start to spin to the right too much momentum.

The car that shoots the movie also decelerates. The car in the front turns big and it flows steadily to the right lane.

When I moved to the right by two lanes and rotated almost 180 degrees and moved to the second lane, a black follower was approaching the silver passenger car.

The black following car is decelerating with the brake but it does not stop straight but enters the collision course.

Then, the approaching silver passenger car changes the lane to the left in the back as if the image is rewound fast, and avoids the collision.

Returning to the original lane as if nothing happened ......

I escaped catastrophes on the highway when I got home rush.

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