The water pipe breaks and the water blows out as much As the road is like a river

As you can see, the water pipes are broken and the water has been blown out to the road. The road is full of water everywhere and it is a car movie that is about to get out of the parallel parking car but somehow get caught up in the fountain and come out.

Авария водоканала. Гейзер под окнами - YouTube

A huge brown fountain than the car is spouting from the middle of the road.

At the moment when the momentum of water becomes smaller, you can see the red car stopped behind the fountain.


When moving the camera and zooming in a little away, you can see that everywhere is waterborne.

Half of the car body under the water. There is no longer a road shade.

The car in front is managed to leave the queue somehow.

Try pulling the car once ... ....

Try pressing again.

And although the car that stopped at the back of the fountain started moving ......

It gets caught in the fountain.

I was completely swallowed.

Succeeded to put the car body out of the fountain by buck.

It seems that the car just in front of trying to get out of the column of parallel parking finally succeeded in departing.

I will go and leave with a dash.

The red car remained left behind in the fountain until the end.

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